Mikki WalkRite Anti Pull Harness

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The Mikki Anti-Pull Harness will prevent your dog from pulling and enable you to keep control the kind way.  Perfect for short nose breeds, those with delicate facial features or nervous dogs, as the harness is not fitted to the face. This revolutionary product comes complete with an adjustable reflective collar, 'easy-fit' snap lock and Neoprene tubing to allow you strong but gentle control.

For best results, use the Mikki Anti-Pull Harness in conjunction with the Mikki Clikka. Your dog needs to be trained not to pull and you should reward good behaviour (not pulling / walking to heel) with perfect timing by using the Clikka and some of your dogs favourite treats.

  • Anti-Pull Harness with Reflective collar
  • Kind control to stop and prevent pulling
  • Ideal for short nose breeds, those with delicate facial features or nervous dogs
  • Adjustable reflective collar with "quick-fit" snap lock
  • Includes a training guide for helpful information.

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Just started using this with a stray I have rescued recently, it`s really working well, he was yanking are arm off, but the harness 90 eliminates it, and he also seems to get the idea of the stop start heel training so much faster with this as a support for the training. I have high hopes that this will help him to learn to heel walk like my rescue puppy, who was easier to train, as I never let her pull, so it never became a habit.
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Mr Paul Coucill
I purchased a Walkrite Harness as I have a Dogue de Bordeaux that pulls when on the lead.I found this product reduces pulling making our walks a lot more pleasurable for me and the dog.It has taken a lot of strain away from my joints,elbow and shoulder,and has taken all the pressure away from the dogs neck.He is a rescue dog and is very skittish trying to pull away or run from anything strange to him.Walkrite is helping both of us.I recommend anyone that has a dog which pulls to try it.Excellent product.
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Used the harness over a matter of 2 months and has stopped the pulling completely and rewarding him when he was not pulling would recommend to any one
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Arrived today and we went straight out for a walk. It worked within 10 seconds! The first walk my 5 month old Cavalier and I have had that hasn't given me a sore arm and left me shattered! Who would have thought such a little dog could pull so hard! Anyway, get one of these if your dog pulls - it's brilliant! (Small size fits him perfectly)
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My Springer has very strong neck muscles and can pull very hard if she sees a cat! This works like a dream and is the best product I have found.
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