Chappie Dog Food Complete Chicken & Wholegrain

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Chappie Dog Food Complete Chicken & Wholegrain

Chappie Complete has been developed with our nutritionists and veterinarians of Waltham to guarantee 100% complete nourishment.

One of the oldest dog foods on the market having celebrated its 70th birthday in 2006.

Vets trust and recommend Chappie - it is an easily digestible, complete adult dog food with all the nourishment a dog needs for a naturally healthy diet.

Low in fat: Chappie's unique, balanced recipe is much lower in fat than most other dog foods.

Made with fish, chicken and cereal. Fish is an excellent source of protein. It is also low in fat, and contains a unique blend of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Wholegrain cereals: By using wholegrain maize and wheat, Chappie ensures maximum nourishment - starch for energy, and fibre for healthy digestion Easily digestible: The special blend of low fat and dietary fibre provides your dog with a slow release of energy, satisfying a dogs needs throughout the day.

Enriched with vitamins: Chappie is enriched with essential vitamins and fatty acids, for perfect balance in a dog's diet

CHAPPIE Dog Food Complete Chicken


Cereals (min. 4% Wholegrain), Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Meat and Animal Derivatives (min. 4% Chicken), Oils and Fats, Minerals

CHAPPIE® Dog Food Complete

A bowl of fresh water should be available at all times.
Keep fresh drinking water available. Serve at room temperature.
To avoid suffocation, keep bags away from babies, young children and pets.

Weight (kg): 5 - Grams / day: 110
Weight (kg): 15 - Grams / day: 250.
Weight (kg): 25 - Grams / day: 370
Weight (kg): 35 - Grams / day: 470
Weight (kg): 45 - Grams / day: 570
Weight (kg): 55 - Grams / day: 660

The table above indicates typical daily requirements. The quantities shown are for guidance only. An individual dog’s requirements may differ from this guide according to the level of activity, breed and age. Therefore you may adjust the amount of food to keep your dog in an active, optimal condition. Most dogs take some time to adapt to a change in diet. When introducing your dog to CHAPPIE®, do so gradually over a period of 5 days. CHAPPIE® Complete may be fed dry or may be moistened with warm water or gravy.

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It is great to find a quality dog food that is dairy free (our dog has a diary intolerance) which is a sensible price. Well done Chappie!
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brenda king
I rate chappie top marks. It is a well balanced food and easily on the digestive system. A good all round blend, I have fed all my rotties on this brand and found where some brands upset my bitch. this was very easy on her stomach (for her she liked it mashed). All I can say TRY Chappie
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Pauline Brunton
My Labrador has a sensitive stomach, the vet recommended this product. It is very good, low in fat,and easy to digest but with all the vitamins and minerals needed to keep a dog in good health. It is very hard to find in supermarkets,and even pet shops, at Pet supermarket it is an excellent price, and I also use Chappie tinned dog food, both suggested by my vet,with this diet my dog`s stomach is settled, and she is in good health.She is now 9 years old,has good digestion and lots of energy.
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I feed my 3 Beagles on Chappie and they love it. One Beagle suffers with Colitis and since feeding Chappie is 100% improved. Great price for a great product.
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Has anyone ever read the ingredients- it says '4% animal and meat derivatives (min 4%chicken)'- so whats actually in the food???? I prefer to know exactly whats in the food. My collie is on Oscars and their label is always honest and complete. It works out cheaper per day as well.
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