Bakers Complete Adult Weight Control Chicken, Rice & Country Vegetables

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Bakers Complete Adult Weight Control Chicken, Rice & Country Vegetables

Our scrummy Weight Control recipe has been specially formulated to help your dog reach his optimum weight, without having to deny himself the enjoyment of tucking into a yummy dinner.

Perfect for less active dogs or pooches prone to putting on a few pounds, Bakers Complete Weight Control should be used as part of a weight loss or control programme. Bakers Complete Weight Control means your dog can still tuck into the doggylicious Bakers taste he loves, without worrying about his figure!

  • 30% less fat* - to help weight loss
  • Protein enriched - to help healthy digestion and metabolism
  • Omega 3 & 6 oils - so his coat stays glossy and his skin healthy
  • Fibre - for good digestion
  • Calcium - for healthy teeth and strong bones
  • Delicious chicken recipe - so he'll really love the doggylicious taste!
*compared to standard adult product

A 15kg bag of bakers dog food contains 28 days of feeding with an average monthly feeding cost of £27. 16, based on the average requirement of a 35kg adult dog with normal activity levels**


Not just delicious, Bakers is doggylicious!

All those moist, meaty chunks and wholesome crunchy kibbles, bursting with flavour to really satisfy your dog's appetite. Here you can discover just what makes Bakers Complete the UK's favourite dry complete dog food.

Just what is it that makes Bakers Complete the UK's favourite dry dog food? The moist meaty chunks? The crunchy, wholesome kibbles? The yummy recipes?

Ask your dog, they will tell you - it's all these things and more.

Whatever your dog's requirements, you can be sure that Bakers provides him with a complete and perfectly balanced diet.


It's the combination of scrummy, moist meaty chunks and crunchy, wholesome kibbles that make Bakers taste soooo good. Each 'can't wait' Bakers recipe is crammed full of succulent, tender meatiness, select vegetables and crisp cereals so you can be sure your dog will savour every yummy, chewy mouthful. Dogs just can't resist sinking their teeth into tempting tastes like Beef & Country Vegetables, scrumptious Lamb & Rice & Country Vegetables and succulent Chicken & Country Vegetables. And with special varieties for different life stages and lifestyles, formulated for complete balanced nutrition without ever compromising on flavour, it's no wonder Bakers consistently outperforms its major rivals in doggie taste tests.


The rich meaty aroma of Bakers Complete is like heaven to your dog. Open up the Bakers at mealtimes and he'll appear - his nose knows what's coming. Smell is a key part of taste, especially for dogs whose noses work about 50 times harder than ours. So, unlike other dry dog food, the moist meaty chunks in Bakers are made with fresh meat with aromas that waft through the air and help your dog have a truly doggylicious dinner every day.


The blend of crunchy kibbles and satisfyingly moist meaty chunks in Bakers Complete ensure dogs get the textures they crave. For most dogs texture is as important as taste - dinner has to 'feel' right. Bakers means you never have to compromise. There's soft, chewy meatiness your dog can really sink his teeth into, and a crisp crunch that cleans the palate and gets the gums working.


Every dog loves the rich satisfying taste of fresh meat. That's why you'll find big, moist, meaty chunks of Beef, Lamb or Chicken inside every doggylicious Bakers recipe - or meaty morsels for pups and seniors. Unlike many other dry dog foods, Bakers Complete is made with fresh succulent meat, and lots of it - to make mealtimes much more of an event. And for those real meat lovers, Bakers Complete Meaty Meals is just full of moist, meaty chunks but still carefully balanced to provide 100% of your dog's nutritional needs.


When is a dry dog food not a dry dog food? When it's packed full of tender meaty chunks he can really sink his teeth into. A dry food needn't look, or taste, like cardboard. Bakers Complete combines the concentrated goodness of dry food with the satisfying chew of fresh meat. Your dog will love the succulent morsels of Beef, Lamb or Chicken in every doggylicious Bakers recipe.


You wouldn't get the most out of mealtimes if the menu never changed, and your dog is no different. Doggylicious Bakers Complete is available in five 'can't wait' flavours with a wide selection of recipes to cater for specific diets. They're all crammed full of tasty textures like moist, meaty chunks and crunchy wholesome kibbles, so you can ring the changes and give your dog the variety that he loves. And there's variety in every pack too. Dogs are natural omnivores. They need a healthy balance of protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to keep them fit and active. The Bakers blend of rich meatiness, select vegetables and wholesome cereals contains 100% of the goodness your dog requires to live a happy, healthy life.

After all, it's the spice of your dog's life too...

**Based on the recommended manufacturer retail price of Bakers Complete Adult Chicken & Rice, and recommended feeding guidelines from the manufacturer.

Bakers Complete Adult Weight Control Chicken


Cereals (minimum 4% rice in the green and orange kernels), Meat and animal derivatives (Minimum 4% fresh meat in the soft moist kernel, minimum 4% chicken in the natural and brown kernels), Vegetable protein extracts, Derivatives of vegetable origin (0. 5% beet pulp in the natural and brown kernels), Various sugars, Oils and fats, Minerals, Vegetables (minimum 4% vegetables in the green and orange kernels). With antioxidants, coloured with and preserved with EC additives.

Typical Analysis

Protein 26. 0%
Fat 7. 0%
Ash 7. 5%
Fibre 3. 0%
Calcium 1. 4%
Linoleic acid 1. 86%
Linolenic acid 0. 14%
Vitamin A 12, 000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3 800 IU/kg
Vitamin E 60mg/kg
Copper (as copper sulphate) 19mg/kg
Iron (Ferrous Sulphate) 240mg/kg

Bakers Complete Adult Weight Control Chicken

Optimal Weight For Weight Reduction Daily Feed(g/day) For Weight Maintenance Daily Feed(g/day)
1-5kg 30-95g 35-120g
5-10kg 95-160g 120-200g
10-25kg 160-320g 200-400g
25-45kg 320-500g 400-625g
45-70kg 500-695g 625-870g

One half pint mug holds approximately 85g of Bakers Complete. These amounts are averages based on moderately active dogs at normal environmental temperatures. Individual needs vary and feeding should be adjusted as required to maintain your dog at a lean, healthy body weight.

These amounts are averages based on moderately active dogs at normal environmental temperatures. Individual needs vary and feeding should be adjusted as required to maintain your dog at a lean, healthy body weight. When changing to this food, start mixing it with your dog's current food and gradually increase the proportion over a period of 7 - 10 days.

Fresh, clean drinking water should always be available.

Feeding The Correct Amount

It is important to remember however that these figures are guidelines only, and there are several factors to be taken into account when assessing your pet's nutritional requirements : -

  1. Activity level
  2. Temperament (stressed animals burn off more calories than relaxed ones)
  3. Metabolism (every animal is an individual with his or her own speed of metabolism; this means that 2 dogs of the same age, breed and weight could have different daily calorie requirements)

In order to provide the correct portions when feeding your dog or cat, it is also helpful to assess your pet's appetite, visual appearance and stools. Whilst poo watching does not sound particularly pleasant, it is one of the best indicators of health. Increased frequency of passing faeces, production of large quantities of stools of loose motions are often frequent signs that an animal is receiving more food than he or she requires.

It is important to obtain an accurate weight for your cat or dog, and also to weigh out the food. Guessing on both accounts gives a large margin of error.

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i think bakers complete does exactly what it says on the bag. i only tried it out after seeing the ad so many times on tv, and it was on special offer. My dog now turns his nose up at anything else. it just contains everything that is needed to satisfy any dog. i would definitely recommend it and already have. Thanks
Find this review useful? (23) (32)
This food is mass produced rubbish, my westie broke out with a rash days after using it. Anything which has to be advertised on TV is very likely to b junk. Its cruel! Lucky to get one star!
Find this review useful? (35) (56)
Very good product! Does a good job of managing my dogs weight. Has helped him lose a number of pounds in only 4 weeks when no other could!!
Find this review useful? (20) (28)
lynne bryan
we really like bakers rabbit and veg,my dog is really healthy on it. we also love the pet supermarket its always quick to deliver and very cheap compared to most supermarkets,would not use any one else.
Find this review useful? (18) (31)
i think this product really works my chocolate lab had put on loads of weight so i put her on this product, over a few months on the amount she should have to lose weight she has loss 5kg she is has loads more energy & is happy i would definitly recomend this product.
Find this review useful? (12) (26)
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