Sanicat Clumping Cat Litter

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Sanicat Clumping litter made from natural clay granules which form clumps after use for easy removal.

It's simply a treasure: ultra-clumping cat litter with a hint of golden colour, of unique quality!

  • Natural bentonite with high clumping capacity for easy clean-out
  • Pleasant baby powder and plant extract scent for excellent odour control
  • Compact format


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Mrs Anne O'Shea
This litter appeared to be quite good at first, but the clumps turned into concrete like lumps which were much too hard to scoop out with a normal cat scoop, we had to resort to a metal garden trowel to scoop the clumps off the bottom of the litter. Very hard work and would not reccomend to multiple cat households.
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Jane Witty
We have been using this for as long as we can remember. All 3 of our cats happily use this litter and we find it excellant.
Yes it clumps together very `strongly` but isnt that what you want? A 20litre pack can last our 3 cats (2 who never go out) at least 3 months.
I find you get very little waste and use a normal poop scoop. I wouldnt use any other.
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I have 2 cats and have always used one of the most expensive litters, however, I decided to try this litter and find it excellent, at a fraction of the cost ,!!!
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This is the best litter I have used. It is a must buy. Ignore the person with the 1 rating. As you meant to put enough little down so the clumps don't sick to the tray bottom. I would recommend a minimum of 2 inches deep of litter.
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Haydn Freebury
This is a great product,tried several others before this one but this one has proven to be ideal for 2 fussy Persians.Easy to clean up and put in a bag
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