Pettex Clean Paws Super Clumping Cat Litter

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Clean Paws is a premium microgranule cat litter with superior clumping abilities.


Clean Paws comes from the world’s only natural source of Sodium Bentonite. As well as being more economical to use due to easier waste separation, it is also environmentally friendly as with all Pettex Cat Litters.


A dust-free litter, Clean Paws is also suitable for cats with dust allergies too.  It will also control odours effectively and last up to 4 times longer than regular litters.


Clean Paws is available is a 5kg or 15kg size.

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Bad. Very bad. Does not clump AT ALL. And stinks of urine after a day. Try something else.
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Linda Smith
I have no problem with the clumping and i only need to clean out the litter tray once a week now, and there is no dust at all from it either.
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Why this litter is not more popular is a mystery to me. Clumps very well; tight, firm clumps that do not break apart. Also no dust at all which is amazing and so important for the health of the cats.
We have two cats using one box and this litter handles the abuse extremely well. Easy to clean because of the small granules, it sifts through the scoop fast and effortlessly. We have tried: The World`s Best Cat Litter; Sophisticat; Catsan, and a few others. This is by far the best of them. World`s Best is
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Susan Corless
This is the best cat litter that I have ever used and that both cats also like! It clumps really well, there is no odour.
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Thought I`d try this as The Worlds best was unavailable at the time..MISTAKE....We have 2 cats and use the Self cleaning Litter Tray which has been fantastic whilst using Worlds Best litter.
Clean Paws- Doesn`t clump well, tracks everywhere as very fine granuals. Granuals stuck all over tray and were not great at absorbing smell.
Granuals are dark in colour too so difficult sometimes to tell if you`ve removed all from tray.
I would not use this again sorry :(
On the positive side it was
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