Wafcol Adult Dog Food Light Rite Weight

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Wafcol Adult Dog Food Light Rite Weight

for Overweight or Less Active Adult Dogs

  • Nutritionally Balanced
  • Low in Fat
  • High in Fibre

Wafcol Complete Rite-Weight is an outstanding food, which has been carefully formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of the overweight or less active adult dog that requires a lower fat diet.

Lower in fat than our standard dog foods, but higher in carbohydrates to prevent hunger and consequent begging and scavenging, Wafcol Complete Rite-Weight provides a satisfying meal with all the nutrients your dog needs for good health.

As many as one in three dogs are thought to be overweight! An overweight dog faces many of the same problems as an overweight human – arthritis, heart disease, breathing difficulties, diabetes, invertebral disc conditions, reduced resistance to diseases, heat intolerance and a shorter life expectancy.

If your dog needs to lose weight, you should embark on a controlled programme of weight reduction after discussion with your Veterinarian.

Wafcol Complete Rite-Weight is not intended for pregnant or nursing bitches, dogs under twelve months of age or dogs engaged in intense physical activity.

Wafcol Adult Dog Food Light Rite Weight


Whole wheat flour, poultry meal, soya, fish meal, yeast, vitamins and minerals.

Protein Ash Fibre Oil
20% 5% 8% 3%

Wafcol Adult Dog Food Light Rite Weight

Most dogs are best fed twice per day

Feed one half of the daily ration at breakfast with the balance fed in the early evening. Wafcol Complete Rite-Weight can be fed dry or soaked to suit your dog's preference, but we would advise that one meal per day should be fed dry. The crunchy texture helps to control the build up of tartar on the teeth and keep the mouth fresh.

The daily feed of Wafcol Complete Rite-Weight should be calculated using the table below for the DESIRED weight of the dog and NOT the CURRENT weight. Some dogs prone to obesity have a lower than average calorific requirement and may not need the full amount indicated in the guide.

Introduce Wafcol Complete Rite-Weight to your dog's diet gradually over a period of one week.

Suggested daily feed quantities:

Desired Weight

Daily Feed

Desired Weight Daily Feed Desired Weight Daily Feed


310g 35kg 495kg
10kg 170g 25kg 375g 40kg 550g
15kg 240g 30kg 435g 45kg 600g

When you have achieved the correct weight, it will depend on your dog's metabolism as to whether you can return to feeding Wafcol Complete Adult or whether you still require a degree of weight control.

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