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The Catit® Drinking Fountain Constantly circulates 3 Litres of water through its filter to ensure that the water is pure and fresh. The large surface area ensures that the optimum amount of oxygen is added to the water but consuming less than 4 Watts it is also very economical to run. Encouraging your pet to drink more water helps promote health and well-being.

The Catit® Drinking Fountain responds to your pet's need for a continuous supply of water. Re-circulating water with greater exposure to oxygen provides fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water for pets with a multitude of health benefits including the reduction of crystal formation and urinary disease (FUS)..


This product can also be used with puppys.

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Great product ever. I have 2 off them for my cats and they love them, best thing to keep the water fresh and cool all day long specially on hot days when your cat need to keep cool. No mess, just top up and rinse once a week, it`s great.
I bring my kittens up on using this from day one and they love playing with it. Can`t beat this product would recommend it to everyone.
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emma turner
My cat loves her water fountain but I hate it. It takes so much to clean and I do it once every week. I found the flow over the dome sometimes wont cover totally. Either my cat spits more than the average cat, as it slimes up very quickly. I change the filter every 3 weeks as stated. I am going to go for the CatIt fresh and clear drinking fountain as it is so easy to clean and the filter lasts so much longer. CatIt is a great product and I recommend them.
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Caroline Gooch
I loved this, did have some problems sometimes getting complete coverage of the dome with the eater, but my cats loved it. Disappointingly though, it failed after about 6 months, the pump just packed up, and I don`t see any suppliers of just the pump, so looks like I have to replace it.
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Marie A Brown
Nice product my cats took to it straight away. I thought it the best of all the electric cat fountains. No mess water looks clean.
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We've used this fountain for three years and all our cats have loved it! It needs washed weekly or it is more time-consuming to clean. Once you've got used to it, it's easy to make the water run smoothly over dome. One of my cats likes to play in water so prefer this one as bowl area is small, they like to drink from the dome. Unfortunately, the pump or power supply have just failed, which is not bad after 3 years continuous use. You can buy all the replacement parts online.
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