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Advance Sterilized Cat Food Salmon & Barley
Advance Sterilized Cat Food Salmon & Barley

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Advance Sterilized Cat Food Salmon & Barley

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If your cat has been spayed or neutered, they'll need a slightly different diet to cats who haven't had 'the big op'. Help your cat adjust to hormonal changes with Advance Sterilized...  Read more

Advance Sterilized Cat Food Salmon & Barley

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Product details

If your cat has been spayed or neutered, they'll need a slightly different diet to cats who haven't had 'the big op'. Help your cat adjust to hormonal changes with Advance Sterilized Sensitive Cat Food Salmon & Barley.

What it's for

Vets recommend neutering kittens between the age of four and six months, but they can keep eating their old kitten-specific food up until their first birthday. At this age, neutered cats will be developing differently to 'whole' cats, with different hormone levels and needs that can affect their weight management. This yummy salmon flavoured food provides all the nutrition neutered cats need to keep them happy and healthy, and can be fed in one to two meals per day according to your individual cat's requirements.

Key benefits

  • specially balanced for sterilised cats
  • controlled calories help with healthy weight maintenance
  • perfect protein portions for healthy muscle mass
  • suitable for cats with sensitive tummies
  • designed to reduce the risk of bladder stones and other issues

How it works

Neutering changes cats' hormone levels, which can cause them to gain unpredictable amounts of weight or develop urinary problems like bladder stones. However, these risks are usually easy to manage with the right diet. That's why Advance Sterilized Cat Food Salmon & Barley reduces the number of calories per bowl, packing in lots of extra fibre so your cat still feels nice and full. 

This food also tackles risks like urinary problems by balancing pH and sodium levels to encourage water intake, and also works to prevent urinary stones from forming. It also contains the ingredients needed to support everyday health, like lots of yummy fish protein to keep your cat's muscles on top form.




Salmon (18%), corn protein, corn, dehydrated salmon protein, wheat proteins barley (8%), hydrolysed animal proteins, vegetable fibre, beet pulp, animal fat, yeast, salt, potassium chloride, inulin, plasma proteins, natural polyphenols.

Nutritional additives:

Vitamin A 33600 IU, Vitamin D3 1800 IU, Vitamin E 660 mg, Vitamin C (Ascorbyl monophosphate calcium sodium salt) 500 mg, Biotin 0.24 mg, Taurine 1200 mg, L-Carnitine 500 mg, Ferrous fumarate 150 mg (Fe: 45 mg), Ferrous sulphate monohydrate 261 mg (Fe: 85 mg), Potassium iodide 1.9 mg (I: 1.4 mg), Pentahydrate copper sulphate 33 mg (Cu: 8.8 mg), Monohydrate manganous sulphate 123 mg (Mn: 40 mg), Monohydrate zinc sulphate 396 mg (Zn: 144 mg), Sodium selenite 0.24 mg (Se: 0.1 mg), With antioxidants.  

Analytical constituents: 

Protein 37.0%, Fat content 11.5%, Raw fibres 4.0%, Non-organic material 7.0%, Calcium 1.0%, Phosphorous 0.8%, Sodium 0.7%, Moisture 8.0%.

Feeding Guide

Recommended quantity/day:

Adult weight

1-3 kg

3-5 kg

5-7 kg

Grams per day

20-40 g

40-55 g

55-70 g


Always make sure your furry friend has access to plenty of water.

The amounts indicated are recommended daily portions and should therefore be adjusted to the animal’s age, breed, level of activity and physical condition, as well as the general weather conditions.

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