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Almo Nature

About Almo Nature

“Who are we? Today we’re a company formed by lots of animal lovers...” This is how Pier Giovanni Capellino very simply explains his company.

The story of Almo Nature began in 2000 through the efforts of Pier Giovanni Capellino, the company’s founder and Chairman, and Salento the dog (later renamed Doctor Salento for his intelligence) who provided the inspiration behind the brand’s philosophy and products.

The Company made its appearance on the market in March 2000 when, for the first time anywhere in the world, it introduced wet pet food prepared with ingredients sourced from the human food supply chain.

In this way, Almo Nature explains that they "became the first company in the world to produce “wet” pet food for dogs and cats using fresh, natural ingredients originally intended for human consumption." It was a brave decision and a revolutionary approach that challenged a market dominated by the multinationals: David fighting Goliath on the battleground of quality and animal welfare.

This new approach to pet food won the hearts and minds of pet owners sensitive to quality issues and the wellbeing of their pets, enabling Pier Giovanni Capellino to quickly expand Almo Nature and his pet food revolution into Europe, now becoming a leading player in the pet food sector, with a distribution network that extends across 27 countries.

A philosophy based on quality and transparency

Almo Nature’s philosophy is based on four core values:

  • Love of animals - Almo Nature promotes respect for all four-legged companions, starting from what they eat to all the aspects of our relationship with them. It supports projects which help animals in need all over Europe.
  • Quality - Almo Nature is committed to offering the best quality in its dog and cat food and ensures full traceability of its production chain.
  • Transparency - Almo Nature is committed to giving its customers and end consumers all available information on its products, so that they can clearly understand them and make informed purchasing choices.
  • Sustainability - Almo Nature, in cooperation with the most important companies in the industry, is studying 100% recyclable, flexible packaging to reduce the environmental impact of its products. Also, in order to reduce the use of plastic, Almo Nature does not distribute dosing jars or tanks to hold kibbles.

They also claim their brand to be 100% cruelty free, as the only tests carried on animals are taste tests, which are conducted with animals living at home with their owners.

With full traceability of its production chain and tight checks on quality and control protocol for their suppliers, Almo Nature established themselves as a brand with a clear focus on quality and transparency, which is reflected in both their product range and communication with their customers.

Product range

Cat products

Almo Nature’s cat range is divided in 5 labels: Green Label, Rouge Label, Azul Label, Orange Label and Tradition, offering a wide choice of diets designed to cater for all your cat’s needs. Their cat food range includes, amongst others, the following products:

  • Almo Nature Cat Green Label:
    For its Green Label range, Almo Nature only uses premium cuts which ensure the presence of high biological value proteins and micronutrients which can only be found in meat and fish muscles. This provides an optimal nutritional intake, suited to the physiological needs of cats. This product is available in 24 x 55g pouches, in the following flavours: Chicken & Shrimp, Chicken, Tuna & Ham, Tuna & White Bait, and Catfish.
  • Almo Nature Cat Green Label Raw Pack:
    Raw Pack is a processing method for pet food: meat is packaged raw and then cooked in its pouch through a high temperature sterilization process. Green Label Raw Pack, as it is cooked in its pouch, is richer in broth. Hence, it stimulates cats to drink and hydrates them in a natural way. This product is available in 24 x 55g pouches, in the following flavours: Chicken drumstick, Chicken breast, Mackerel, Skipjack tuna fillet, Tonggol tuna fillet, and Chicken breast and duck fillet.
  • Almo Nature Cat Rouge Label:
    Almo Nature Cat Rouge Label are wet recipes ideal for all adult cats who need a limited calorie intake, without compromising on flavour. This product is available in 24 x 55g pouches, in the following flavours: Chicken fillet & cheese, Chicken fillet & surimi, Tuna fillet & seaweed, and Tuna & sole fillets.
  • Almo Nature Holistic Adult Cat food:
    The Holistic range includes classic Almo Nature kibbles and ensures quality and transparency starting from the label, which contains a short and clearly understandable list of ingredients. Holistic kibbles are perfect for healthy cats – both adults and kittens – and ensure high quality standards even in the cheapest range. Thanks to the high content of fresh meat and a careful blend of cereals, they meet the nutritional needs of house cats. Holistic kibbles are available in 400 g, 2 kg and 12 kg packs, in Chicken, Oily fish, and Turkey flavour. Holistic kibbles are also available for kittens in the Chicken kitten recipe in 400 g, 2 kg and 12 kg packs.

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Dog products

Almo Nature’s dog range is divided in 3 labels: Green Label, Rouge Label and Tradition, offering a wide choice of diets designed to cater for all your dog’s needs. Their dog food range includes, amongst others, the following products:

  • Almo Nature Green Label Natural Soups for dogs:
    Almo Nature Green Label Natural Soup is exclusively prepared with fresh ingredients originating from the human food supply chain: the best cuts of white meat and fish packed raw and then cooked directly in the pouch to retain all flavour and nutrients. As a result, Green Label Natural Soup is rich in appetising meaty broth, which makes it the perfect complement to your dog’s kibble. Green Label Natural Soup stimulates your dog’s sense of smell and vitality: try pouring it on the bottom of the bowl and then cover it with kibbles. Your dog will show you the difference it makes! Available in 24 x 140g pouches, in the following flavours: Chicken fillet, Chicken & sardines, and Skipjack tuna.
  • Almo Nature Daily Menu Bio:
    Daily Menu Bio contains meat and selected meat by-products. 100% of the farm produce (meat, cereals and vegetables) comes from organic farms, offering a guarantee that all products are pesticide and chemical free. In this way, in addition to ensuring that your dog has a healthy diet, you are also contributing to respect the environment. This product is available in packs of alutrays (100g, and 300g), in the following flavours: Beef & vegetables, Chicken & vegetables, Veal & vegetables, Chicken & Broccoli and Chicken & potatoes.
  • Almo Nature Holistic Adult Dog:
    Almo Nature Holistic contains a high percentage of fresh meat or fish, plus cereals and nutritional additives to make it a wholesome and balanced maintenance food for your dog, without any chemical preservatives, palatant agents or colourants. Just healthy and safe ingredients of the highest quality! Almo Nature Holistic dry food is available for three dog sizes (small, medium and large breed) and two life stages (puppies and adult), in sizes ranging from 400g to 12kg bags.

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