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Canny Dog Collar Stops Pulling
Canny Dog Collar Stops Pulling
Canny Dog Collar Stops Pulling
This revolutionary product is the first dog training collar to give you complete control and good behaviour when walking your dog. Simple to fit and easy to use, it tackles the most common...  Read more

Canny Dog Collar Stops Pulling

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Canny Dog Collar Stops Pulling
Canny Dog Collar Stops Pulling
Canny Dog Collar Stops Pulling
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Product details

This revolutionary product is the first dog training collar to give you complete control and good behaviour when walking your dog. Simple to fit and easy to use, it tackles the most common dog behaviour problem of lead pulling and ensures that within minutes your dog is walking happily by your side. It is a simple piece of dog training equipment made up of a conventional flat collar with a traditional buckle fastening for security. Your lead attaches to a thinner slip line, made from soft yet strong material, which then fits over the nose of your dog.

Unlike other dog walking devices where the lead fastens under the chin, the lead fastens behind your dog's head - an innovative and unique design in dog behaviour training.


The Canny collar:
- Stops pulling and makes walking a pleasure again.
- Is kind, safe and effective.
- Doesn't ride up into the eyes nor jerk the neck.
- Can be left on when off lead.
- Is recommended by vets, trainers and rescue centres.

The Canny Collar must fit snugly. To find the correct size measure your dog’s neck to behind the ears and use the sizing guide below:

Sizing Chart

23cm – 28cm (9” – 11”)  Size 1
28cm – 33cm (11” – 13”) Size 2
33cm – 38cm (13” – 15”) Size 3
38cm – 43cm (15” – 17”) Size 4
43cm – 48cm (17” – 19”) Size 5
48cm – 53cm (19” - 21”) Size 6


Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 18  Reviews

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  • great for our 8 month old collie
    I purchased this recently and its amazing, our border collie was constantly pulling my husband when out for walks, he didn't tolerate it at first for beginning of walk but then has tolerated it ever since, few weeks on and we can remove the nose bit and he still walks okay thinking it is still on. I would definitely recommend it to any dog owner that is struggling.
    diadav - September 17, 2019
  • Head collar
    I bought it before Christmas and it is fabulous, it is the perfect size thanks to easy measurements which are recommended before ordering, delivery was brilliant just on time as promised . I definitely order again
    Silvia 2 - January 7, 2018
  • it works for a short while
    i was not happy with the way my german shepherd puppy was behaving on the lead, pulling etc. so, i ordered the canny collar in desperation really. Initially once he had got used to the band around his nose he was walking fine, but, then as he got used to the collar I am afraid he has reverted back to pulling again, although to be fair not as bad as before. so i think the only way forward is lead training, although i have tried this before. i have come to the conclusion its a german shepherd thing, as he is my 3rd shepherd and until they seem to calm down and get a bit older and wiser they just want to be in front!!!
    Val Lewis - November 29, 2016
  • brilliant, i have just had the best walk ever!!!!!!!!!!!
    i have a 6 month old German Shepherd puppy, who weighs in at 31kilos, so not a small dog. Going for a walk was becoming to be a nightmare, especially when it was windy and the leaves etc. were blowing about. I was at my wits end. I then purchased the collar which i received yesterday. so today, it was bliss, even though it was windy, no pulling on the lead for the leaves, no pulling as we were walking along, pure heaven , such a lovely walk for me and him. There was initially a little rubbing of the nose along the grass verge etc. but only to be expected, he has never had anything around his nose before, i am sure by next week, he wont even realise that he is wearing it. so i can thoroughly recommend this product. not very often i say that these days, but this one a definate yes. i purchased a size 5 collar, it fits nicely now and there is room for him to grow into it. very pleased with my purchase.
    val Lewis - November 11, 2016
  • Buy this collar IMMEDIATELY!
    My Wheatador pup, Lola, was beyond control on the lead. I tried everything - a harness, an ordinary collar and even a halti, but nothing worked and our walks were just a complete and utter nightmare. I was recommended the canny collar by a friend but was skeptical as the halti didn't work and I thought the canny was the same type of product. But I was desperate so I ordered one. And what happened next was nothing short of a dog walking miracle!! When I first put it on, Lola went mad trying to push it off her nose but within about 20 mins of walking (and distraction with treats) she started getting used to it and, more importantly, she was walking like a dream dog! I couldn't believe it! It's been so good that when I got my second dog in July I got one for him too. So now I walk twice daily with two dogs (one giant breed and one large breed), I'm in total control and it's a joy! I could never have done that without the canny collars so I can't recommend them highly enough!
    Trish Lemon - December 31, 2015