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Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain

Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain
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The BIG-DOG Drinkwell Fountain is for medium to large dogs and has a patented free falling stream, that is most like the running water dogs love. The BIG-DOG Drinkwell Fountain hold 8.5L of... Read more

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Product details

The BIG-DOG Drinkwell Fountain is for medium to large dogs and has a patented free falling stream, that is most like the running water dogs love. The BIG-DOG Drinkwell Fountain hold 8.5L of water and comes with an additional capacity reservoir included. The fountain was designed and patented by a licensed veterinarian, Dr. Mary Burns, to satisfy a pet’s urge for running water. The fountain filters and aerates continuously moving water to keep it fresher and cooler than standing bowl water. The product helps maintain proper hydration in pets, an essential ingredient for keeping pets healthy. BIG-DOG has 5 inch side walls to create a deep pool of water which prevents splashing.

* Provides a continuous 5inch falling stream of water
* Adjustable flow rate
* Three pin plug fits standard household outlet
* Holds 8.5L of water
* Charcoal filters absorb unwanted tastes and odours
* Completely dismantles for cleaning
* Lid snaps in place to prevent accidental removal
* No assembly required
* Rubber feet to prevent sliding
* 30-day money back guarantee
* One year warranty

Research shows that one of the best ways to improve a pet’s health is to encourage the pet to drink more water. By using a 5-inch falling stream to break the surface tension of the water, the Drinkwell Pet Fountain continually aerates a pet’s water with healthful oxygen. Aerated water tastes fresher and you can even see it working as tiny bubbles appear in the water. A charcoal filter removes bad tastes and odours giving the pet the best possible and most appealing way to stay hydrated!

Replacement filters are available in a three-pack and should be changed every six to eight weeks. The fountain is quality built to last a lifetime, with the housing and bowl made in the U.S.A, and the fountain pump Made in Italy. The entire product is UL, CUL and CE certified to ensure safe operation for your customers.

The product is sold with a one-year warranty. A detailed instruction manual accompanies each fountain providing operating instructions, cleaning and maintenance instructions, tips for use, safety instructions and warranty details.

(The Original Drinkwell Pet Fountain is the better option for cats and small dogs).

Water Fountain FAQs

Q... How often should I change the filter?
A... Filters should be changed approximately every six to eight weeks for cats and four to six weeks for large dogs. Replace filters more frequently when using the fountain for multiple dogs and dogs that produce a lot of saliva.

Q... Does the Drinkwell Big Dog Fountain use the same filter as the Original Drinkwell Pet Fountain?
A... Yes, both fountains use the same filter.

Q...How do I get rid of the charcoal dust in the bowl?
A... Rinse the filter in cold water. Even after rinsing, you will still have remnants of charcoal dust settling in the bottom of the bowl. This dust will eventually dissipate after a few cycles. The charcoal is completely harmless. Even as the dust settles in the bowl, it continues to work by absorbing bad tastes and odors and purifying the water. If you are uncomfortable with the amount of charcoal from the filer, you can remove it. The fountain will function without it.

Q...How often should I clean the fountain?
A... Clean the fountain and the inside cavity of the motor with soapy water about every two weeks. In between (weekly), take apart and rinse with hot water.

If you have a reservoir container, lift it out of the back of the fountain and quickly turn upright.
Unscrew the reservoir lid and remove the black rubber O ring.
Unplug the fountain, remove the cover and pull out the filter.
Empty water out of the fountain.
Remove the upper housing of the fountain by pressing in the tabs at the sides and lifting up.
The flow control knob and stator are not attached and are freed when the housing is removed.
Remove the motor from the fountain (refer to "How do I clean the motor?").
Wash the rest of the fountain parts with a mild detergent and rinse well.

Q... Is the fountain dishwasher safe?
A... Remove the motor before cleaning the fountain. The motor is NOT dishwasher safe. Refer to motor cleaning instructions. The Additional Capacity Reservoir containers along with the black rubber O Ring located in the reservoir lid are NOT dishwasher safe. Hand wash the reservoir container with a mild detergent and rinse well. The rest of the fountain is top rack dishwasher safe.

Q... How do I clean the motor?
Unplug the fountain, remove the cover and pull out the filter.
Empty the water out of the fountain.
Turn the bowl over and remove the motor from its cavity by slipping your finger into the indentation behind the motor and pulling that end of the motor out toward you so that it has turned a quarter of a turn.
Carefully lift the impeller out of the motor. It should slide out easily with no resistance.
Remove any hair tangled around it and wash it with the rest of the parts.
Pour soapy water into the inner cavity of the motor and scrub with a small round bristle brush or cotton swab. Rinse well and replace the impeller after it is cleaned.
For detailed cleaning instructions with diagrams, download the instruction manual.

Q... What should I do if the motor is not pumping the water properly or it stopped working altogether?
A... Lack of regular cleaning may result in the motor becoming clogged with pet hair and food debris. The motor must be cleaned every two weeks to ensure proper function. Please refer to the motor cleaning instructions.

Q... What should I do if my fountain suddenly becomes noisy?
A... It is normal for the motor to be slightly audible, like a low hum, but it shouldn't be very noticeable or loud. Most noise is related to the impeller. Remove the motor from the fountain and make sure there is no hair or debris wrapped around the impeller and that all four blades are intact. Please refer to the motor cleaning instructions.

Q... What should I do if there is a white film in my fountain?
A... If you have "hard water" you may start to see white mineral deposits on or down inside the motor. This may eventually prevent the impeller from turning properly. Loss of function as a result of mineralization from hard water does not qualify under the warranty. To avoid having to replace the motor:

Clean the motor more frequently than you have in the past; or
Clean with distilled white vinegar and let the vinegar soak for several minutes inside the motor cavity; or
Use bottled water.

Q... Why is my fountain making gurgling sounds?
A... The gurgling sounds indicate that the water level is very low. Add water to the fountain immediately. During regular use, do not allow the water level to fall below the inlet grate on the bottom of the flow control knob, or the motor may run dry and burn out.

Q... Why is my fountain overflowing when I attach the reservoir?
First, make sure there is a black rubber O-ring in the base of the reservoir lid. It should be located in the groove in the lid and not on the canister itself.
Try loosening the reservoir lid. The lid needs to fit snuggly, but not too tight. Over-tightening will cause the O-ring to compress.
Make sure the fountain and the reservoir are on the same level surface. If you are using a mat, make sure the mat is under the fountain and reservoir.

Q... Does the Drinkwell Pet Fountain need batteries?
A... Not at all, it is 220v and runs on the mains. The unit comes with a 3-pin plug attached and plugs into a standard household outlet.


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    I already have one and I swear by it, so much so that I have brought this one as a christmas gift for a dear friend and her three dogs.
    Kathleen Thomas - October 27, 2017
  • This is a huge success! Have bassets and was constantly topping up. Bit noisey but now used to it. Wanted to rush
    April - October 19, 2014
  • This product is fantastic, I have two Bulldogs that drink a lot of water and with this, I only need to fill every few days without worrying. I have had mine for a year and it is still working perfectly, I strongly advise any dog owner to get one.
    Charlie H - August 4, 2014
  • Very we'll made and a lot bigger than I expected it to be I have a GSD who every time he drank would drip and splash the water all over the floor but This bowl has prevented soaking wet socks incidences! He loves the water fountain part... You can turn flow control up and down for filter action and I have to have his at full flow... I do wonder how much electricity it uses being on all day and he does look at me funny when he can't get to the nice cold water .
    Laura ayre - December 29, 2013
  • bought one of these about 3 years ago , and my dogs love it , some use the bowl and some use the fountain bit ,ideal if you have a few doggies
    j franklin - February 23, 2013