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Hill's Prescription Diet Canine j/d
Hill's Prescription Diet Canine j/d

Hill's Prescription Diet Canine j/d

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Hills Prescription Diet Canine j/d has been specially formulated to help improve mobility impacted by osteoarthritis and other conditions. How it works This complete dog food is carefully...  Read more

Hill's Prescription Diet Canine j/d

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Product details

Hills Prescription Diet Canine j/d has been specially formulated to help improve mobility impacted by osteoarthritis and other conditions.

How it works

This complete dog food is carefully designed to improve your dog's flexibility by soothing joints and preserving healthy cartilage. It's fortified with naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, which are the building blocks of cartilage and help repair damaged joints. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils, such as EPA, help to interrupt cartilage degradation and reduce pain in affected areas.

The range includes dry and canned mixes, meaning you can adapt it to make the transition from your dog’s current food as easy as possible, keeping their feeding routine the way they like it. Because of its special mix of fish oil and combination of healthy nutrients, this food is clinically proven to improve painful joints in just three weeks.

Key features

  • provides your dog with a balanced diet while catering to their condition and helping to repair painful joints
  • omega-3 EPA soothes joints and maintains healthy cartilage
  • clinically proven to improve mobility significantly in as little as three weeks
  • option of canned or dry food minimises changes to your dog's current routine.

When to use it

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis in dogs and the pain and stress on joints it causes can be difficult for both you and your pet. By eroding the cartilage around your pet's joints, the disease leaves nerve endings exposed and can cause inflammation and a loss of flexibility. If you notice that your dog has become reluctant to play, run or climb stairs, it's a good idea to book an appointment with your vet to check if they have developed osteoarthritis.

Once diagnosed, your vet might prescribe medication such as a painkiller, as well as offering recommendations for a change of diet. With the right treatment, your dog might soon be back to running, jumping and playing just like their old self.

Because veterinary diets are formulated for the nutritional support of pets with specific clinical conditions, we recommend that you only use them under professional advice. For more information on feeding Hills Prescription Diet Canine j/d to your dog, please consult your veterinary surgeon.

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Dry food


Maize, wheat, brewers' rice, whole flaxseed, soybean meal, pea bran meal, chicken and turkey meal, digest, animal fat, fish oil, minerals, dried whole egg, L-carnitine, L-lysine, vitamins, taurine, crustacean shell hydrolysate, trace elements, pork cartilage hydrolysate and beta-carotene. With natural antioxidant (mixed tocopherols).

Analytical constituents:

Fat 14.9%, fibre (crude) 5.4%, moisture 8%, protein 18.3%.

Nutritional additives (per kg):

Vitamin A 9213 IU, vitamin C 100 mg, vitamin D 737 IU, vitamin E 730 mg, beta-Carotene 1.5 mg, carbohydrate 49%, chondroitin sulfate 320 mg, calcium 0.61%, EPA 0.39%, L- Carnitine 305 mg, glucosamine 610 mg, magnesium 0.15%, Omega 3- fatty acids 3.34%, Omega 6- fatty acids 2.23%, phosphorus 0.5%, potassium 0.7%, sodium 0.24%, taurine 1120 mg.

Wet food


Lamb (14%), rice, pork, maize, rice flour, dried whey, flaxseed, fish oil, cellulose, dried egg, minerals, soybean meal, soybean oil, digest, vitamins and trace elements.

Analytical constituents:

Fat 6%, fibre (crude) 1.2%, moisture 67.8%, protein 6.3%.

Nutritional additives (per kg):

Vitamin A 15878 IU, vitamin C 47.68 mg, vitamin D 629.46 IU, vitamin E 232.74 mg, beta-Carotene 1.64 mg, carbohydrate 17.2%, calcium 0.2%, L- Carnitine 120 mg, magnesium 0.03%, Omega 3- fatty acids 1.25%, Omega 6- fatty acids 0.83%, phosphorus 0.18%, potassium 0.26%, sodium 0.06%, taurine 379 mg.

Feeding Guide

Recommended quantity/day:


Dog`s Weight (kg) Dry food (grams) Cans 370 g


 50 - 70  1/3 - 1/2


85 - 120  2/3 - 3/4 


145 - 205  1 - 1 1/2 


200 - 275  1 1/2 - 2 


245 - 340   1 3/4 - 2 1/2


335 - 460   2 1/2 - 3 1/3


415 - 570   3 - 4 1/4


11 per kg  3 1/2 - 5 


- 3/4 per 10 kg


Always make sure that your dog has access to plenty of water.


It is recommended that a veterinarian's opinion be sought before use or before extending the period of use.

Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 137  Reviews

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  • Helped quick healing!
    Our bichon had completely ruptured the cruciate ligament in his knee. It was taking ages to heal - our other option was a 1000 pound orthopaedic operation! After about 6 months, our vet suggested this dog food, and it had amazingly quick results, on top of the anti inflammatory drugs he was already receiving. I would recommend this dog food!
    Amy Brushaber - June 23, 2019
  • Happy dog.
    Used j/d prescription food from day one as my dog had some water therapy on front legs ,all sorted now but he loves the food and it has kept him in good condition ever since .his coat has a good shine and people always say how good his coat looks .my dog is a black Labrador and very happy.
    Pauline - July 5, 2017
  • Super as usual
    Speedy delivery to Denmark, fair and competitive prices - super
    Janni Kristiansen - December 6, 2016
    great for older dogs with poor joints, gives them a new lease of life
    m Brown - November 4, 2016
  • Excellent product
    I changed my 13 year old lab cross to this 6 months ago when I noticed she was a little bit slower going down stairs and jumping in and out of car. She was previously on Hill's Science Plan Healthy Mobility and up until then showed no signs of stiffness. These have now gone and she isn't showing any signs of stiffness.
    Amy - November 4, 2016