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Hill's Prescription Diet Feline k/d

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If your cat has kidney disease, Hill's Prescription Diet Feline K/D will help them live a longer, happier life.  What it's for Your cat's kidneys are there to remove nasty waste products...  Read more

Hill's Prescription Diet Feline k/d

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Product details

If your cat has kidney disease, Hill's Prescription Diet Feline K/D will help them live a longer, happier life. 

What it's for

Your cat's kidneys are there to remove nasty waste products from their blood and keep the balance of vitamins and minerals in their body just right. Because this is such a crucial job, it's important to take your cat to the vet straight away if you think their kidneys might not be working properly. It tends to be older cats who get kidney damage, but don't assume your younger cat is completely protected; if you notice them licking something they shouldn't, like antifreeze or lily pollen, they need to see a vet as soon as possible. 

There are plenty of easy-to-spot signs of diseased or damaged kidneys you can look out for. Cats with kidney issues might drink or pee more than usual or lose interest in their food. You might also notice that they're being sick or getting diarrhoea a lot. Your vet will be able to let you know for sure if your cat has kidney disease and help you find the best way of treating your pet. 

Key benefits

  • food is low in protein so it's easier for the kidneys to deal with 
  • antioxidants wipe out nasty free radicals, which otherwise give the kidneys extra work
  • low in salt to stop high blood pressure 
  • yummy flavour to bring back kitty's appetite.

How it works

Lots of protein can do your cat's kidneys more harm than good when they're damaged, so this food contains only small amounts to give the kidneys less to deal with. Particles known as free radicals can cause harm to your cat's body if they're not dealt with properly by the kidneys. A high level of antioxidants in the food helps your cat get rid of these nasty free radicals. Antioxidants are also great for your cat's immune system and help it fight off any other diseases and infections your pet comes into contact with.

Too much salt is bad for us and can make kidney disease worse. A diet low in salt helps protect against high blood pressure and relieves the burden on the kidneys.

Veterinary diets like this one have been specially made to support pets with specific medical conditions. Because of this, we'd recommend getting professional advice before feeding this food to your pet. If you think your cat could benefit from eating Hill's Prescription Diet Feline K/D, why not have a chat with your vet? 





Wet food

Chicken pouch


Chicken (17%), pork, wheat flour, maize starch, various sugars, salmon, dried egg white, cellulose, minerals, sunflower oil, fish oil, vitamins, trace elements, taurine and beta-carotene. Coloured with natural caramel.

Analytical constituents:

Fat 4.6%, fibre (crude) 0.53%, crude ash 1.1%, moisture 79%, protein 6.3%.

Nutritional additives (per kg):

Vitamin A 12815 IU, Vitamin B12 0.05 mg, Vitamin C 26 mg, Vitamin D 166 IU, Vitamin E 126 mg, beta-carotene 0.25 mg, biotin 0.12 mg, calcium 0.15%, carbohydrate 8.5%, folic acid 0.47 mg, L-Carnitine 112 mg, magnesium 0.01 %, niacin 30 mg, Omega-3 fatty acids 0.19%, Omega-6 fatty acids 0.91%, pantothenic acid 5 mg, phosphorus 0.09%, potassium 0.19%, pyridoxine 3.3 mg, sodium 0.05%, soluble fibre 0.18%, taurine 538 mg, thiamine 3 mg. 

Chicken can


Pork, chicken (10%), dried egg, brewers' rice, various sugars, animal fat, minerals, digest, rice starch, cellulose, fish oil, soybean oil, vitamins, taurine, trace elements and L-carnitine.

Analytical constituents:

Fat 6.6%, fibre (crude) 0.7%, crude ash 1.6%, moisture 71.4%, protein 8.6%.

Nutritional additives (per kg):

Vitamin A 31884 IU, Vitamin B12 2.7 mg, Vitamin C 27.2 mg, Vitamin D 321 IU, Vitamin E 286 mg, beta-carotene 0.48 mg, biotin 0.3 mg, calcium 0.24%, carbohydrate 11.2%, folic acid 1.1 mg, L-Carnitine 157mg, magnesium 0.02%, niacin 51.8 mg, Omega-3 fatty acids 0.29%, Omega-6 fatty acids 1.09%, pantothenic acid 14.5 mg, phosphorus 0.14%, potassium 0.32%, pyridoxine 9.4 mg, sodium 0.07%, soluble fibre 0.23%, taurine 1289 mg, thiamine 72.5 mg. 

Salmon pouch


Chicken, pork, salmon (4%), wheat flour, maize starch, various sugars, dried egg white, cellulose, digest, minerals, sunflower oil, fish oil, vitamins, trace elements, taurine and beta-carotene. Coloured with natural caramel.

Analytical constituents:

Fat 5%, fibre (crude) 0.52%, crude ash 1.2%, moisture 78.5%, protein 6.4%.

Nutritional additives (per kg):

Vitamin A 11909 IU, Vitamin B12 0.05 mg, Vitamin C 20 mg, Vitamin D 323 IU, Vitamin E 125 mg, beta-carotene 0.25 mg, biotin 0.13 mg, calcium 0.15%, carbohydrate 8.4%, folic acid 0.58 mg, L-Carnitine 116 mg, magnesium 0.01%, niacin 35 mg, Omega-3 fatty acids 0.24%, Omega-6 fatty acids 0.89%, pantothenic acid 5.4 mg, phosphorus 0.11%, potassium 0.2%, pyridoxine 4.1 mg, sodium 0.06%, soluble fibre 0.18%, taurine 525 mg, thiamine 4 mg. 


Dry food


Brewers' rice, animal fat, maize gluten meal, chicken (18%) and turkey meal, pea protein, wheat, dried whole egg, minerals, digest, dried beet pulp, rice protein concentrate, fish oil, soybean oil, L-carnitine, vitamins, taurine, trace elements and beta-carotene. With a natural antioxidant (mixed tocopherols).

Analytical constituents:

Fat 21.7%, fibre (crude) 1.1%, crude ash 4.9%, moisture 4.5%, protein 28.2%.

Nutritional additives (per kg):

Vitamin A 9426 IU, Vitamin B12 0.12 mg, Vitamin C 90 mg, Vitamin D 966 IU, Vitamin E 550 mg, beta-carotene 1.5 mg, biotin 0.49 mg, calcium 0.71%, carbohydrate 39.6%, folic acid 3 mg, L-Carnitine 525 mg, magnesium 0.016%, niacin 145 mg, Omega-3 fatty acids 0.86%, Omega-6 fatty acids 3.51%, pantothenic acid 21 mg, phosphorus 0.47%, potassium 0.72%, pyridoxine 10.5 mg, riboflavin 14.9 mg, sodium 0.24%, soluble fibre 0.77%, taurine 1961 mg, thiamine 30 mg. 

Feeding Guide

Recommended quantity/day:


Cat`s weight

Pouch 85g


Pouch 85g




Dry food


2 1 1/2 - 2 1 1/2 - 2 2/3 - 3/4 30 - 40
3 2 - 3 2 - 2 3/4 3/4 - 1 1/4 40 - 55
4 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 1 - 1 1/2 45 - 65
5 3 - 4 1/3 3 - 4  1 1/4 - 1 2/3 55 - 75
6 3 1/2 - 4 3/4 3 1/3 - 4 2/3 1 1/3 - 2 65 - 90
7+ 2/3 per kg 2/3 per kg 1/4 per kg 11 per kg

 Always make sure that your cat has access to plenty of water.

Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 165  Reviews

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  • My cat loves it
    I've given this 5 stars because Misty loves it. She has had Hills for the last 18 years of her life. She is in great condition.
    Diane - May 27, 2020
  • Excellent food
    Great food for elderly cats both mine love it
    Linda - May 12, 2020
  • kidney function & Hills k/d
    we have two elderly cats with kidney problems, an have been using this food for the last 3 years and they seem to thrive on it. we do substitute some wet pouches as well.
    Berty - May 3, 2020
  • Hills k/d Special Diet Pouches
    Arrived promptly. Furbaby loves them. Thank you for the prompt service.
    Phoebes mum - December 8, 2019
  • Very happy
    I am always very happy with the service from medicanimal, good prices, fast delivery and my cats love the food
    Noreen - June 4, 2019