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Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Advanced Fitness Large Breed

Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Advanced Fitness Large Breed
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Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Advanced Fitness Large Breed is specially formulated to support joints and muscles in large breed dogs. How it works Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult... Read more

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Product details

Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Advanced Fitness Large Breed is specially formulated to support joints and muscles in large breed dogs.

How it works

Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Advanced Fitness Large Breed contains glucosamine and chondroitin – the 'building blocks' of joint cartilage – which have been clinically proven to support joint health. The formula also contains high-quality animal proteins (from poultry) to support and help develop lean muscle mass. Highly digestible ingredients ensure your dog gets the most out of every meal and also helps reduce stress on the digestive system. Added antioxidants support your pet's immune system by tackling free radicals – molecules that can cause damage in the body. The addition of L-carnitine helps to maintain your dog's weight and also supports heart and liver function.

Key benefits

  • glucosamine and chondroitin support joint health
  • high-quality protein supports lean muscle development
  • highly digestible
  • includes antioxidants
  • appealing taste
  • nutrients support heart and liver function while helping your pet maintain a healthy weight
  • highly nutritious complete feed: no need to supplement their diet with other food.

When to use it

Many dogs develop joint problems in later life, but these issues often become noticeable at an earlier age in large breeds (especially German shepherds, rottweilers, Bernese mountain dogs and Newfoundlands).  

If you notice that your dog is walking stiffly, favouring one leg and has trouble getting up from the floor and climbing stairs, it could be an indication that they're suffering from joint pain. As well as feeding them a diet that supports joint and muscle health, you should also make an appointment with your vet to rule out any underlying problems such as arthritis, hip dysplasia and cruciate ligament disease.

You can help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis by giving your dog a soft bed away from any damp or draughty areas of the house. It's important to continue exercising your pet; swimming is a great alternative to long walks as it's easier on the joints. Always consult your vet if you suspect your pet may be suffering from an illness.




Maize, wheat, chicken (20%) and turkey meal, animal fat, soybean meal, digest, maize gluten meal, soybean oil, dried beet pulp, minerals, flaxseed, brewers' rice, vitamins, trace elements, cartilage hydrolysate (source of chondroitin sulphate), crustacean shell hydrolysate (source of glucosamine). With a natural antioxidant (mixed tocopherols).  

Lamb and Rice:

Lamb with Rice: Maize, lamb meal (26%), soybean meal, maize gluten meal, animal fat, brewers' rice (5%), digest, soybean oil, flaxseed, minerals, L-carnitine, vitamins, trace elements, cartilage hydrolysate (source of chondroitin sulphate), crustacean shell hydrolysate (source of glucosamine) and beta-carotene. With a natural antioxidant (mixed tocopherols).

Analytical constituents:

Protein 21.6%, Fat content 14.7%, Crude fibre 1.9%, Crude ash 4.9%, Calcium 0.71%, Phosphorus 0.61%, Sodium 0.28%, Potassium 0.70%, Magnesium 0.11%; per kg:, Vitamin E 600mg, Vitamin C 100mg, Beta-carotene 1.5mg, Glucosamine 464mg, Chondroitin sulphate 489mg.

Nutritional additives (per kg):

E672 (Vitamin A) 41,818IU, E671 (Vitamin D3) 1,756IU, E1 (Iron) 319mg, E2 (Iodine) 4.8mg, E4 (Copper) 40.4mg, E5 (Manganese) 14.0mg, E6 (Zinc) 271mg, E8 (Selenium) 0.6mg; with natural antioxidant.


Additional Information

Hills™ Science Plan™ Canine Adult Advanced Fitness™ Large Breed with Chicken

These ranges are a starting point only because animals’ needs vary. Adjust the feeding amount to maintain optimal body weight.

Weight kgDry grams per day
25 285 - 395
30 325 - 450
40 405 - 560
50 480 - 660
60 550 - 755
70 615 - 850

It is important to remember however that these figures are guidelines only, and there are several factors to be taken into account when assessing your pet’s nutritional requirements : -Feeding The Correct Amount

  1. Activity level
  2. Temperament (stressed animals burn off more calories than relaxed ones)
  3. Metabolism (every animal is an individual with his or her own speed of metabolism; this means that 2 dogs of the same age, breed and weight could have different daily calorie requirements)

In order to provide the correct portions when feeding your dog or cat, it is also helpful to assess your pet’s appetite, visual appearance and stools. Whilst poo watching does not sound particularly pleasant, it is one of the best indicators of health. Increased frequency of passing faeces, production of large quantities of stools of loose motions are often frequent signs that an animal is receiving more food than he or she requires.

It is important to obtain an accurate weight for your cat or dog, and also to weigh out the food. Guessing on both accounts gives a large margin of error.

Changing Food Brands

For a successful diet change, we recommend following the feeding pattern below. The daily feeding amount should be split into two equal amounts and the proportions of new food increased over the first week as illustrated.

TOP TIPS: For those dogs who do not make eating a priority, here are some additional points:
- Reduce the number of tit-bits given during the introductory period
- If your dog has been used to eating wet food, moisten with warm water.

DAY 1-2 75% Original Diet
25% New Food
DAY 3-4 50% Original Diet
50% New Food
DAY 5-6 25% Original Diet
75% New Food
DAY 7 100% New Food


Feeding Guide

Recommended quantity/day:


Dog`s Weight (kg)Dry food (grams)
25285 - 390
30325 - 450
40405 - 560
50480 - 660
60550 - 755
70615 - 850
80+10 per kg

Always make sure that your dog has access to plenty of water.

Customer reviews

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  • Hills Science Plan
    Excellent service and very quick delivery. My dog is quite fussy and loves to his food.
    Glennis Atkinson - October 28, 2018
  • Hill’s large breed
    Great food, great service, great price! Our 2 labradors ages 6 & 15 months are very happy!
    Rosemary Symonds - June 5, 2018
  • Hills science plan
    My dog loves this food and delivery very quick
    Janice milford - March 23, 2018
  • dog food
    Brilliant service. Highly recommended.
    roger tucker - May 19, 2017
  • Keeps my dog in great condition
    Excellent product, keeps my dog in great condition.
    TM - November 4, 2016