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Your cat offers you a lot, doesn’t she? So it is time to return the favour and deliver the food cats deserve.

With IAMS ProActive Health you ensure that your favourite feline stays healthy and as strong as his love.


  • What is ‘Dried Chicken and Turkey’
    Dried Chicken and Turkey is an excellent source of protein because it naturally contains each of the amino acids essential to animals that thrive on a carniverous diet (such as dogs and especially cats). Iams ProActive Health cat foods all contain real chicken, the highest quality available. Our unique refining process helps remove any poor-quality protein and excess ash (e.g. minerals from bones) often found in similar types of ingredients, making our protein more digestible. Our Dried Chicken and Turkey is very palatable and digestible, making it an ideal ingredient for any cat.
  • Is Maize difficult for animals to digest?
    Whole corn, such as corn from the cob, might be difficult to digest. However, Iams ProActive dry dog foods use only high-quality corn that is finely ground to break up the outside covering of each kernel which is then cooked at high temperatures. This process makes the corn meal in our foods highly digestible and an excellent carbohydrate source.
  • How are IAMS ProActive dry cat foods kept fresh?
    All Iams ProActive Health cats foods use a special antioxidant system of mixed tocopherols (vitamin E), rosemary and citric acid. Iams ProActive Heath Cat foods contain no added artificial flavourings or colourants.
  • Is there sugar in Iams ProActive Health cat foods?
    No! Sugar is not added to any of our cat foods. The dried beet pulp included in the dry cat food formulas is an excellent moderately fermentable fibre source, not a source of sugar. Beet pulp is the fibre that remains after sugar is extracted from sugar beets, and this fibre can help support gut health.
  • Do any Iams ProActive Health foods have too much protein?
    No. Some people believe that protein in cat foods beyond a certain level can cause kidney damage. However, no scientific research conducted to date indicates that protein is in any way involved in the development of kidney disease. Cats eat primarily to meet energy requirements. For this reason, the nutrients in Iams foods are balanced with metabolic energy levels that ensure that a cat's nutritional needs are met simultaneously with their energy needs. This helps prevent an excess or deficiency in nutrients. If a cat is overfed, it may gain weight, but will not suffer from kidney problems.
  • Does fat in a cat’s diet cause high cholesterol?
    High-quality fat sources are an essential part of a cat's diet. Although cats can have high cholesterol, too much fat in the diet does not cause it. Cats do not get hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis) like humans do. High cholesterol levels in cats can be a result of liver or other internal problems. Fat provides energy for body processes, assists in maintaining an excellent skin and hair coat, helps in transporting fat-soluble.
  • What type of fat do you use in Iams ProActive Health cat foods?
    Each formula contains animal fat, an excellent source of omega-6 essential fatty acids for cats, alongside a source of omega-3 fatty acids from either fish oil or a fish based ingredient (e.g. salmon). All these fats are easily digested and are very high quality and help maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat.
  • Are there dyes in Iams ProActive Health cat foods?
    No! There are not artificial colours or dyes added to the food.

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