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Kokoba Cat Scratching Post with Dangle Toy

Kokoba Cat Scratching Post with Dangle Toy
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This scratch post gives your cat a comfy place to chill out, as well as somewhere to work their claws. No more shredding the sofa! What it's for Cats need to scratch: it's important for... Read more

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Product details

This scratch post gives your cat a comfy place to chill out, as well as somewhere to work their claws. No more shredding the sofa!

What it's for
Cats need to scratch: it's important for their physical (and mental) health. This basic post can be moved round your home easily, so your pet always has somewhere to dig their claws in. Scratching and stretching helps to boost their flexibility and work their muscles, but is also a great way for them to relax. Plus, it's how they mark their territory, letting other moggies know who's in charge. 
The post's made from a special tough fibre, designed to be comfy for your kitty to scratch than your household furniture. Great news for your interior! 
While clawing is an important part of your four-legged friend's daily routine, doing it a lot more than normal could be a sign that they're feeling stressed. If you notice a change to their behaviour, it's best to ring the vet.

Key benefits

  • easy to move from room to room
  • tall 42-centimetre post gives your pet a chance to really stretch out
  • fluffy base is ideal for catnaps
  • strong and hard-wearing material
  • feels like Esparto grass, a cat favourite.

How it works 
This scratch post is 42 centimetres high, so your cat can really bust out those yoga moves while they stretch and scratch. This helps to work their muscles, making sure your pal stays fit and active. 

The special material that's wound around the scratching post is really similar to Esparto grass, which has a texture that your pal will love. It's great for digging their claws into and your pet should prefer it to your coffee table or armchair. It also has a comfy base covered in warm, fluffy fabric – perfect for an afternoon snooze.

Size Guide

Pole Diameter Depth Width Height
 7 cm 30 cm 30 cm 42cm

Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 7  Reviews

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  • Cat loves it
    Cat goes straight to the scratching post, ignoring my sofa, and rolls around it as well, a great success!
    Josie - November 19, 2018
  • Kokoba scratching post
    My cat loves the post, when scrabbling around it he appears a wild animal. The downside is, the screw attaching the post to the base, contstantly becomes loose...possibly due to my moggie’s vigorous behaviour.
    Mimi - November 18, 2018
    Both my kittens love this post. Sadly the hanging mouse did not survive long but the post itself is built to last.
    Jzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - September 6, 2018
  • Cats happy with their new cat scratching post!
    Very good value for money, unfortunately first post arrived damaged but was replaced quickly. The cats liked it from the start, easy to assemble the only gripe is the plastic bolt, which holds the dangle toy on, it was this that arrived damaged and is flimsy. My sofa and carpets have benefitted from the cat scratching post. My cats are 18 and 13 but my older cat likes playing with the toy surprisingly.
    Julia B - August 13, 2018
  • Does The Job
    This is a basic cat scratching post. But it does what it is meant to do. My cat took to it straight away, she went and used getting rid of the dead casing on her nails. That is really what you need for a cat scratching post. She at 14 years old had a play with the toy which hangs from it.
    Donna Cooper - July 20, 2017