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Kokoba Food Dispenser

Kokoba Food Dispenser
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The Kokoba food dispenser releases food on demand, so you'll never need to worry about forgetting to feed your furry friend. What it's for Cats and dogs are definitely creatures of habit.... Read more

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Product details

The Kokoba food dispenser releases food on demand, so you'll never need to worry about forgetting to feed your furry friend.

What it's for

Cats and dogs are definitely creatures of habit. They generally love being fed at the same time every day – but, if you've got a really hectic schedule, sometimes it's just not possible. That's where this automatic feeder comes in: it'll top up your pet's bowls twice a day while you're out, whether you're away on a day-long business trip or just a spontaneous after work meeting. It can also take a lot of the work out of mealtimes, especially if you've got a few furry little mouths to feed.

Key benefits

  • different measurements suit pets of all shapes, sizes and appetites
  • high quality plastic is really tough and hard-wearing
  • your pet has more control over mealtimes
  • takes the hassle out of dinner
  • durable, long-lasting and non-toxic construction
  • keeps your pet fed and happy, even if you get home later than usual.

How it works

This dispenser gives out food when your pet needs it; all you have to do is fill it up with your their favourite dry food. When they eat, the feeder refills their bowl automatically. It definitely takes the hard work out of dinner times, you should try and keep an eye on the food level and keep it topped up so your little buddy won't go hungry. This dispenser is made from really good, hard-wearing plastic, so even if your pet gets a little overexcited at mealtimes, they're unlikely to cause any long lasting damage to it!

Small can hold up to 200gr

Medium can hold up to 700gr

Large can hold up to 1500gr

Size Guide

  H (cm) W (cm) D(cm)
Small 17.5 11 17
Medium 27 18 28
Large 32.5 20 29.5

Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 15  Reviews

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  • Great value feeder
    Easy to use feeder, although the cat hasn't got the hang of teasing out the food ... or its just last!
    Martin - August 26, 2018
  • Handy feeder
    Ideal for dry food but slightly disappointed that I have to give a shake to get the food to refill
    Ladybogomips - June 21, 2018
  • Great value
    I bought two sizes and was delighted with them. They keep the food fresh and it is always available. Sooty just uses her paw to make more kibble fill the tray. A great buy.
    E M Evans - June 12, 2018
  • Simple but works
    I bought a number of the largest size to feed our indoor cats & two expensive Maine Coons - male of which would run away if possible and two & free feral kittens & who would never dream of running away. Access to dry food works very well, the cats simply claw the food out. I secured the two outdoor feeders to a slotted garden table by drilling two holes , one one either side of the brown food dish and securing with a long tie thro each hole and around a table slat. This allowed us to go on holiday for a week and provide sufficient food for both the indoor and outdoor cats together with water fountains. However, the local magpies and other local cats can also use these cat feeders so a sufficient number of the large size feeder should be deployed if your are feeding outdoor cats. The feeders are easily washed, seem to be ok in a dishwasher. Would recommend.
    Tony - May 25, 2018
  • Couldn't be Happier
    I was a bit sceptical at first but as the product was so cheap I thought I'd give it a go! Am glad I did as it was just what we were looking for. Our cats wake us up every morning at silly o'clock food and we end up going down and feeding them just so we can get back to sleep. But with this Feeder, it illuminates the problem as the cats can help themselves to biscuits as and when they are hungry meaning no more early morning wake up calls for us! Then when we wake up we can feed the cats their meat at our lesure and then they're happy for the day! Would definitely recommend this product!
    Dave - August 9, 2017