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Kokoba High Sided Cat Litter Tray

Kokoba High Sided Cat Litter Tray
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The Kokoba high-sided cat litter tray is perfect for nervous pets who don't like using enclosed litter boxes. What it's for Kittens (and some adult cats) can get a little bit nervous doing... Read more

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Product details

The Kokoba high-sided cat litter tray is perfect for nervous pets who don't like using enclosed litter boxes.

What it's for

Kittens (and some adult cats) can get a little bit nervous doing their business inside enclosed boxes. A high-sided litter tray is nice and tidy like a closed box, but it's also open to the room so your pet won't feel so anxious. Even if kitty doesn't like being closed off from the world, they still need privacy to go to the loo. Keep the litter tray somewhere quiet (ideally in a corner) where your cat won't get put off by passers-by. Put about 3 centimetres of litter in so they can burrow, and keep it away from their food or water bowls. Cats are really clean animals, and they don't really like to use the toilet near where they eat.

Key benefits

  • high sides keep litter spray to a minimum
  • high quality and durable plastic is long-lasting
  • neat and tidy alternative for cats who don't like using closed-in litter boxes
  • elderly or unwell cats can easily step into it
  • has an simple-to-clean removable edge.

How it works

If your cat kicks their litter out of their tray, this high-sided one will help stop them. It has a protected edge to catch the worst of the spray and it's smooth and easy to clean, with a border that slips off so you can top up the litter or give it a full wash without any hassle. This also makes it simpler for elderly or ill cats to step inside – no jumping required!

Customer reviews

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  • Best ever!
    I can't believe how brilliant this tray is for our elderly diabetic cat, The poor girl is getting stiff in the legs now as well and she was going over the sides of traditional trays. Not had one accident since I got two of these before Christmas. Highly recommended.
    Geraldine. - January 15, 2019
  • Problem solved!
    My elderly cat regularly peed over the top of our normal tray, I'm assuming he stands up because he has arthritis in his hind legs and hips. This tray solved the problem, he stands and the urine just hits the back of the tray rather than going all over the floor. Also the best price I could find all over the internet, quality is very good.
    Ellie - December 1, 2018
  • Perfect
    I’ve tried hooded trays which mine weren’t keen on and a low sided tray which I then end up with litter kicked everywhere! This tray is perfect high sides so if the aim a little to high it stays in the tray and less mess when they cover up their buisness. Definitely recommend it
    Louise - October 28, 2018
  • Just what I wanted
    Just what I wanted as my cat was spraying onto the wall and it was driving me mad. This has done the job. Having said this, he decided to turn around in the box an spray the other way!!! Typical cat. Seriously, most times he turns the right way around.
    Mrs. W - October 8, 2018
  • Brilliant idea.
    This is perfect for Snowy my 11year old cat who has arthritis in her back legs. It makes it easier for her to get in and out, also there is hardly any cat litter strewn about after use due to the high sides. So I would say a pur fect product. I would highly recommend this product and seller.
    Margery - August 29, 2018