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Kong Dr Noys Dog Toys Teddy Bear

Kong Dr Noys Dog Toys Teddy Bear
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Treat your pet to a new best friend with the Kong Dr Noys teddy bear dog toy. How it works This squeaking toy will be your pet's new favourite in no time. Crafted from a soft, plush... Read more

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Product details

Treat your pet to a new best friend with the Kong Dr Noys teddy bear dog toy.

How it works

This squeaking toy will be your pet's new favourite in no time. Crafted from a soft, plush material, Kong Dr Noys teddy bear is snuggly on the outside, with a reinforced, chew-proof body that stands up to daily games of tug of war. A knotted skeleton gives your dog texture to gnaw at too. This teddy contains minimal stuffing, so it won’t leave a trail of fluff through the house. 

With an easy-to-replace squeaker and durable construction, this toy will go the distance. You can even pop it in this wash after it’s been loved long enough. 

Key benefits

  • durable plush toy with knotted rope inner
  • removable squeaker for easy washing 
  • medium size for dogs of all ages
  • replacement squeaker included
  • measures 18x14x8 centimetres

When to use it

New puppies benefit from a comfort toy: it’s something to bond with and sleep next to after they’ve left their mother. Toys that encourage self-amusement are important too, as this encourages young dogs to become more independent and entertain themselves when left alone. The Kong Dr Noys teddy bear is ideal for cuddling, playing fetch and chewing – helping teach your young pet valuable lessons. This teddy bear is also a great companion for anxious dogs. Once your pooch has got used to it, pop it in their bed to keep them company and soothe any restlessness. This works especially well if the toy smells like you, so consider wrapping it in an old jumper for familiarity. 

If you’re concerned about your dog’s nervous behaviour (this might include whining, scratching and frequent urination) speak to your vet for some treatment options.

Customer reviews

3.5 out of 5 19  Reviews

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  • Instant hit
    My friends Hungarian Viszla loved this and walked wound with it most of Christmas day! Hasn't fallen apart and stands up to slobber very well! As far as I'm aware, hasn't been washed yet, so not sure how it will respond to that. Useful having a spare & squeak supplied with it! Having said that, the noise it makes is not as annoying as many toys you buy!
    Sue Carter - January 7, 2019
  • Dogs Teddy
    Good value and my nearly 6 month-old labrador finds it great fun. So far it has stood up to her attention very well. Haven't yet washed it in machine, so can't comment on that.
    Patricia Harrison - March 26, 2018
  • Good product
    Rufus our 7 month pup loves his toy !! It’s a bit on the small size but strong. He loves the squeaky inside, washed in machine & all fine. Happy with product
    Julie Owen - November 2, 2017
  • I got the medium sized bear for my 9 month old Labrador puppy. Within 10 minutes this toy was ripped to shreds with the stuffing (which they claim not to use) was all over the floor! I know they say it is not indestructible but 10 minutes of play is not really worth the £4.50 spent im afraid! Will not be buying one of these again!
    Buddy - February 20, 2014
  • A great toy which my JR loves to pieces! After she realised there was no stuffing it deterred her from trying to shred it. She hasn't (yet!)even mananged to get the squeaker out which is usually a 5 minute job! Very pleased with the product!
    Emily K - April 15, 2013