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Product Review

Why leave a review?

Do you want unbiased consumer reviews on the products you buy at Pet Supermarket®? Then rate and review your purchases and help support the Pet Supermarket® community!

Our buyers spend a great deal of time selecting products for you so we'd love to hear what you think of our products. We all spend a great deal of money on our pets and care about enhancing the relationship we have with them. With a little help from yourself we can not only recommend the best products, but ensure that all the products we offer on our site are the best choice for our pets and your pocket.

Leaving a detailed review on your purchase is beneficial to other shoppers out there, but most of all, it’s going to improve the products we choose for you. This is an ideal opportunity to get your feelings of the products we choose on your behalf and with your recommendations as to how this can be improved; manufacturers also find these comments most useful.

How to leave a review?

To leave a product review please use the following steps, you do not need to log in or be a member of the Pet Supermarket® website to leave product reviews.

  1. Locate the product you would like to review. You can do this by either using our search bar (located at the top of the page) or browse our website.
  2. Select the review tab, located next to the product information.
  3. If the product has previously been reviewed you should now see other user's thoughts. Click 'write a review'; the form will now appear for you to fill in. Enter your product rating, nickname for yourself, email address, the title of your review, and the review itself to let us know what you think (good or not so good!). If you're sure there aren't any mistakes, submit the review
  4. If you have successfully entered your review you should see a confirmation message.
  5. Your review will be posted on the Pet Supermarket® site, typically within 48 hours. You'll be able to see the review on the product page at Pet Supermarket® once approved by our moderator.

    If your review has not appeared online and you'd like to know why, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected]

    What makes a good review?

    When creating a good quality review at Pet Supermarket®, it’s important to follow some important steps. Your comments should be as helpful as possible to our user's, doing so will give your review a better chance of being posted. Write as much as you can without straying off the point as its important users get something out of it and are not misled. Other pointers:

  • Be honest, but constructive - Give the customer a reason for the negative review, this way they can value your opinion
  • Specific - Details are important, especially if it points out a feature that is good or bad
  • Unbiased - Just because the product does not suit you does not mean it won’t be beneficial to others
  • Balanced - A good review should highlight the good and bad in a product
  • Continuous - Your review should be match the rating given

To avoid your review being rejected:

  • Don’t swear
  • Don’t mention any of our competitors
  • Don’t review our service; focus on the product, our service can be reviewed at TrustPilot
  • Try not to mention the price; this may change