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Program Suspension for Cats

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For the prevention and lasting control of flea infestation and the treatment of flea allergic dermatitis in cats. Program is effective against the dominant flea species Ctenocephalides...  Read more

Program Suspension for Cats

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Product details

For the prevention and lasting control of flea infestation and the treatment of flea allergic dermatitis in cats. Program is effective against the dominant flea species Ctenocephalides felis and C. canis.
Program suspension can be administered to all cats including pregnant cats and kittens taking solid food.

Cats and kittens up to 4.5 kg give one 133mg ampoule monthly.
For cats over 4.5Kg give one 266mg ampoule monthly.

To be fully effective the suspension must be administered together with food; shake the ampoule prior to opening.

If cats have a high level of flea infestation at the start of the treatment, it may be necessary to administer a flea adulticide eg Frontline Spot-On during the first few months. In cases of severe hypersensitivity, further use of an adulticide may be needed.



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Legal category: AVM_GSL  | Program Suspension for Cats


Active ingredient mg/ampoule:
Lufenuron 266
Methyl parahydroxybenzoate 4.56
Propyl parahydroxybenzoate 1.14


The minimum recommended dose rate is 30mg a.i./kg/month. This is achieved by giving cats over 4.5kg the contents of 1 ampoule
To be fully effective the suspension MUST be administered together with food. Shake the ampoule prior to opening. The suspension should be added to approximately half of the food ration. The rest of the food should be presented when all the dose has been eaten. If several cats are treated, ensure that each cat is fed individually. The product can also be administered by squeezing the suspension directly from the ampoule onto the back of the cat’s tongue after feeding.


Start the treatment 2 months before flea season begins to ensure protection.

Cat weight Dosage Quantity Frequency
Cats & Kittens up to 4.5kg 


1 vial Monthly
Cats over 4.5kg   PROGRAM CAT SUSPENSION 266mg 1 vial Monthly

Administer once a month to prevent flea larvae developing.

Customer reviews

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  • program for cats
    so easy to give this flea treatment with food, much better than crushed tablets
    Kath Hodgkin - April 26, 2017
  • Happy cat
    Switched to programme flea control 3 years ago after fleas seemed to be annoying my cat although I was useing another well known flea control . have had no trouble since the switch & my cat is better eating the dose rather than having it on her neck which seemed to irritate her at times . So far so good ready to enjoy another flea free summer .
    Graham Fisher - February 8, 2017
  • Effective flea product
    Excellent product, no trouble administering because it is in food and does not taste or smell and you know when it has gone.
    Christine Chadbourne - December 12, 2016
  • Flea treatment
    As always great product and service. Will be back for more.
    twiggett - June 21, 2015
  • Due to my cats being not very friendly when applying spot on products I was having problems with fleas but since using program since early 2013 I av not had a problem since, so easy to administer and reasonably priced! I dreaded that time of month when it was spot on time but now no stress at all, I'm very happy with this product and my cats are no longer stressed and flea free all year round.
    Donna greenhalgh - June 24, 2014