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Specific Feline FCD & FCW Crystal Prevention

Specific Feline FCD & FCW Crystal Prevention
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SPECIFIC™ Veterinary Food for cats SPECIFIC™ offers a complete high quality product range within life stage diets for healthy pets and therapeutic diets for management of clinical... Read more

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Product details

SPECIFIC™ Veterinary Food for cats

SPECIFIC™ offers a complete high quality product range within life stage diets for healthy pets and therapeutic diets for management of clinical conditions to provide pets with the best nutritional platform throughout their life.
SPECIFIC™ diets consist of a selection of high quality raw materials and offer both high digestibility and palatability.
All SPECIFIC™ diets are sold exclusively through veterinarians to ensure that pet owners are always given optimal nutritional advice.
SPECIFIC™ are developed and produced in Scandinavia by Dechra Veterinary Products.

The SPECIFIC™ diets from Dechra are developed in close collaboration with veterinarians, vet nurses and experts in animal nutrition.

The range of SPECIFIC™ diets consists of complete life-stage diets for healthy cats and therapeutic diets for the management of clinical conditions.

To make sure that you always get the diet that suits your cat, SPECIFIC™ is sold only through veterinarians.

SPECIFIC™ Adult Struvite Management

  • Reduced phosphorus and magnesium content which reduces the content of these minerals in the urine

  • Induces a low urinary pH which will help dissolve the struvite

  • High energy density

  • High energy digestibility

SPECIFIC™ Adult Struvite Management is highly palatable and especially composed to help with the prevention of struvite stones and crystals in adult pets. They induce low urinary concentration of magnesium and phosphorous and a low pH, which will prevent the formation of struvite.

The precipitation of struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate) in the lower urinary tract is promoted by high concentrations of magnesium, ammonium and phosphorus in the urine and an alkaline urinary pH.

SPECIFIC™ Adult Struvite Management is specially developed for the prevention of this form of urolithiasis. The reduced phosphorus and magnesium content in SPECIFIC™ Adult Struvite Management leads to lowered urinary concentrations.

In addition to this, SPECIFIC™ Adult Struvite Management induces a low urinary pH (6. 0 to 6. 3) which reduces the likelihood of struvite precipitation.


Dry - Cereals, Vegetable protein extract, Oils and fats, Fish and fish derivatives, Egg and egg derivatives, Sugar, Minerals, Milk and milk derivatives, Hydrolysed chicken protein, Powdered cellulose, Plantago psyllium husk

Wet - Meat and animal derivatives, Cereals, Oils and fats, Egg and egg derivatives, Milk and milk derivatives, Minerals, Plantago psyllium husk, Powdered cellulose


It is recommended that a veterinarian's opinion be sought before use or before extending the period of use.

Customer reviews

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  • Helped save my cats life!
    My 6 year old male BSH cat had to be rushed to the vet as an emergency with a blocked urethra. I had lucky got him there before an kidney damage but he still needed catheterization, 36 hours on a drip and regular flushing of his bladder during that period. The plug the vet removed was 4mm by 200 mm which was a build up of crystals and protein. Considering his urethra is only a couple of mm wide I'm not surprised he couldn't wee. The vet undoubtedly saved his life but this product will stop him having to go through such a painful and potentially life threatening episode.
    Rachel Johnson - October 18, 2017
  • good product
    Great product has helped older cat greatly
    brenda bleasdale - April 20, 2017
  • Specific Feline FCD
    This cat food is excellent. My cat suffered a lot from crystals forming in his bladder and was always having to be treated for it which left him very distressed. Since he has been using this food he's never had any problems.
    D. R. Race - November 8, 2016
  • A good value urinary food. My cat enjoys it and he hasn`t had any problems with it.
    ratpaw - October 25, 2011