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Thrive Adult Cat Treats - Tuna
Thrive Adult Cat Treats - Tuna

Thrive Adult Cat Treats - Tuna

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Give your pet a tasty reward with these natural and healthy freeze-dried Thrive cat treats. How it works These bite-size treats are not only super tasty, they're completely natural too....  Read more

Thrive Adult Cat Treats - Tuna

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Product details

Give your pet a tasty reward with these natural and healthy freeze-dried Thrive cat treats.

How it works

These bite-size treats are not only super tasty, they're completely natural too. That's because they're made from chunks of real fish and poultry that have been safely freeze-dried. The process gently removes the water content from the meat, which preserves the quality and locks in the flavour. They contain no additives, preservatives or colourings, just the wholesome nutrients of the original fish or chicken pieces. The enticing scent and taste is sure to tempt your cat. Thrive cat treats come in a resealable tube, making it easy to serve up a snack at any time.

Key benefits

  • available in chicken, tuna and white fish flavours
  • 100% natural freeze-dried meat and fish
  • delicious taste that cats find irresistible
  • stored in a resealable tube
  • suitable for all breeds of adult cat
  • no preservatives, colourings or additives

When to use it 

When your pet displays good behaviour, like using the litter tray correctly, you can positively reinforce this with a wholesome treat. These freeze-dried pieces can also be used to distract your furry friend when they're being groomed or can be placed inside a travel carrier to entice them in. When you're training them to use a cat flap, showing a treat on the other side of the door might encourage them to push through the flap to reach it. 

If you simply wish to bond with your cat or give them a delicious snack between means, these nuggets are 100% natural and will provide a burst of healthy nutrients. The intense flavours and scents of Thrive chunks are irresistible to even the fussiest of animals. Available in tuna, chicken and white fish varieties, there are plenty of options to offer your cat so they won't become bored with the selection. 



Chicken: 100% chicken (freeze-dried)
Tuna: 100% tuna (freeze-dried)
White fish: 100% white fish (freeze-dried)

Analytical constituents

Protein 84.7 %, fat 4.1 %, fibre 0.2 IU, ash 5.9 %, moisture 5.1 %

Protein 90.0 IU, fat 1.3 IU, fibre 0.1 IU, ash 3.9 IU, moisture 7.8 IU

White fish

Protein 82.4 %, fat 7.6 %, fibre 0.1 IU, ash 6.1 %, moisture 4.9 %

Feeding Guide

Feeding guide:

Supplementary food for cats. Feed up to twice daily

Always ensure that there is an supply of fresh water.


Customer reviews

5 out of 5 12  Reviews

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  • THE ONLY TREATS my cats would ever eat! The Tuna , they come running when tube is shaken. AMAZING!
    Worth every penny, only problem is sometimes the tubes are only half full!
    Jane Reynolds - September 21, 2020
  • My cats and ferrets love them
    It is natural, it is good and my cats and my ferrets love it.
    Elisabeth - November 4, 2016
  • Our cats love these treats and don't seem fussy about the flavour - prawn, tuna, chicken, fish, they love them all and would gladly empty the tube if given the chance!
    Charlotte - October 4, 2013
  • Our two Siamese love these, anytime we want their attention we shake the tube & they are there waiting for their treats! they are quite fussy but they love these, they look like what it says on the tube to.
    Jill - September 9, 2013
  • Our two Tonkinese cats go crazy for this! We call it Cat Cocaine because we think they're addicted to it...great for getting them in from the garden, shake the box, zoom, they're in like a flash! Natural, dried food...Great!
    Joanna - July 2, 2013