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Product Matches
Drontal is the recommended treatment for worming selected by our own vet. Drontal kills more varieties of Roundworm and Tapeworm than any other wormer.

• Kills every type of intestinal worm commonly found in pets
• For routine worming – simple single dose.

• Can be given with or without food.
Advantage® kills the flea larvae lurking in the areas of your home where your pet normally goes.

Why choose Advantage? - Advantage is the only spot-on flea treatment product licensed to treat fleas in cats, dogs and rabbits
- Advantage is scientifically proven to prevent and treat fleas on your pet and kill larvae wherever the treated pet goes
Almo Nature pet foods have been formulated focussing on the needs of pets, their point of view and their wellbeing. We strive to achieve for all the ingredients that we use, from a biological and nutritional point of view, the highest values. Our foods undergo a minimum of processing and are not manipulated in any way whatsoever; moreover, because we love all animals, we adopt an absolutely cruelty free policy.