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Hurrah, the sun’s out! We may love the heat, but our pooches might not be feeling the same enthusiasm. The solution? Treat them to a cooling ice lolly, homemade with easy-to-source ingredients. Not only is the method simple to rustle up in just a few minutes, it’s also flexible enough to be budget-friendly, depending on the pet-friendly fruit and veg you have in your fridge.

Remember, if you dog begins to display symptoms of heatstroke, we don’t recommend you give them ice, or any sort of frozen foodstuff. When dogs cool down too quickly, they can go into shock, so we suggest water as an alternative, and to reach out to your vet for any necessary treatment as soon as you possibly can. Read more about heatstroke here.

What you’ll need

  • A mould or ice tray
  • Carrots (ideal for teeth cleaning when frozen)
  • Natural yoghurt (helps with gut health)
  • Frozen berries (promising anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Child-friendly smoothie pouch (perfect for busy pet parents, choose one with no added sugar and be sure there are no grapes, raisins or onions in the ingredients list)
  • Find out which human foods aren't safe for dogs here

How to make

Step 1

Begin by combining all of your ingredients – we recommend plenty of chopped carrots and berries for added texture, and a lighter touch when it comes to the smoothie.

Step 2

As soon as everything is well combined, dollop the mixture into moulds or an ice tray and simply put in the freezer.

Step 3

Allow to set for a few hours, ideally leave them overnight.

Step 4

When you return, you’ll be left with homemade lollies that will help cool your pooch down, full of nutritious and natural ingredients.