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Why should I take out pet insurance?

Owning a pet is a lifelong responsibility. There is no National Health Service for pets, and the latest figures from the ABI (Association of British Insurers) show that on average, a pet will require treatment every three years.

Pet insurance is about protecting your pet in the sense of making sure they will always have immediate access to care should they become sick or injured. It’s also about taking financial care of yourself. Veterinary bills can be extremely expensive – after all, when you think about it a vet surgery is a lot like a miniature human hospital, with highly trained staff and sophisticated equipment. The difference is that pets don’t have the safety net of any kind of health service, so if your pet needs treatments it’s up to you to pay up.

On the extreme end of the spectrum, for instance if your pet needs heart surgery or life-saving surgery after a road accident, the cost can be into the thousands. At short notice with no insurance, this is a stressful financial blow for anyone, particularly during the already worrying time of having a poorly pet. With insurance, you have peace of mind that the vet bills can be covered, even under unexpected circumstances.

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The Four Main Types of Pet Insurance

The different types of insurance can seem confusing, but they’re quite straightforward really. The four you’re likely to come across are:

Accident Only

As you’d imagine, this kind covers your pet if they’re involved in an accident.

Time Limited

Time-limited policies cover accidents or illness over a pre-agreed time period, e.g. 12 months.

Per Condition

This kind of policy allocates a fixed, maximum sum to cover each illness or injury.


Lifetime offers the most comprehensive cover, providing insurance over your pet’s lifetime.

What does pet insurance usually cover?

Make sure you disclose absolutely everything about your pet's past conditions.

A pet insurance policy will be very specific about what is covered, what is excluded, for how long and for how much. It’s a good idea to read over a few policies so you can get an idea of what’s out there. For instance, some insurers offer extras like holiday cancellation insurance, which means you’ll be compensated if you can’t go on holiday due to an unwell pet. This might suit you if you’re a frequent traveller, but might not be necessary for some people.

Insurers usually won’t provide cover for pre-existing conditions. For instance, if your cat has already been diagnosed with kidney disease when you take out your policy, veterinary treatment relating to this condition won’t be covered, but your cat would be covered if they had to have surgery following an accident, for example. Always make sure you disclose everything about your pet’s past conditions to avoid a pet insurance claim being rejected.