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Early nutrition choices impact kitten health for the rest of their life.

Royal Canin Kitten Growth Program supports your kitten throughout their development.


Kittenhood is an amazing period as you watch this tiny meowing baby grow, learn, and evolve. While this exciting time is filled with discoveries, it’s also the most delicate stage of your kitten’s life. Within a year, their bones will solidify and their brain will mature at an incredible pace so they can progress from being dependent on their mums into curious, playful and confident young cats. And with the right support we can help provide them the perfect foundations for a healthy life.

ROYAL CANIN® Kitten Growth Program: a product range that grows with your kitten

It is crucial to support your kitten’s needs with their greatest ally — the right food. Feed them a diet that takes into account the immaturity of their digestive and immune system, the fragility of their tiny teeth and their specific nutrients and calories needs. That’s why, we have created ROYAL CANIN® Kitten Growth Program, a stage-based feeding solution created for all kittens up to one year old to feed their specific physical and nutritional needs.

Mix feeding: an essential part of your kitten’s diet

As your kitten grows, their senses of smell, taste and mouthfeel are also developing–and mouthfeel is a serious matter for a cat around mealtime. Texture is an important part of their meals' experience; it strongly contributes to spark their curiosity and appetite. By offering them a variety of sensorial experiences you can make their feeding time even more stimulating. For each growth stage, dedicated dry and wet food come with their own set of benefits for your pet’s health.