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Early nutrition choices impact puppy health for the rest of their life.

Royal Canin Puppy Growth Program supports your puppy throughout their development.


Puppies are a bundle of fun but even though they seem boisterous and playful, they are at a delicate stage in their life. They’re discovering a lot, learning about the world and their little bodies are experiencing big changes as their bones harden and their brain develop rapidly. They start their life being completely dependent on mum but within a year, they’ll develop into confident, independent young dogs. That’s why they need specific support to grow up to be healthy.

ROYAL CANIN® Puppy Growth Program – meeting their needs at every stage of growth

What puppies eat has a big impact on how they grow and how healthy they are. They have complex nutritional requirements, a delicate digestive system, an immature immune system and their brain is developing mode. They need a food which provides them with all the energy and nutrients they require to sustain healthy growth. That’s why we have created ROYAL CANIN® Puppy Growth Program, containing all the nutrients a puppy needs at each stage of their life.


As your puppy grows, their smell and taste are also developing. By offering them a variety of sensorial experiences you can make their feeding time even more stimulating. Each type of food, dry and wet, comes with their own set of benefits.