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Advantage 80 for Large (4-8kg) Cats and Rabbits - 4 pipettes

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Advantage 80 for Large (4-8kg) Cats and Rabbits - 4 pipettes

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Product details

Advantage 80 is ideal for cats with skin conditions who require bathing as it works even when it's wet, meaning there is no need for reapplication. One treatment prevents further flea infestation for up to three to four weeks on cats and up to one week on pet rabbits. The treatment should be repeated after 4 weeks.  Key benefits:  used for treatment and prevention flea infestations on cats  treats fleas on rabbits  can be used to kill flea larve around the home  fleas are killed within one day following treatment  works even when your pet gets wet  When to use it   Cats and rabbits often get infected with fleas during the warmer months. The insects' strong hind legs enable them to jump from animal to animal, laying eggs along the way. Flea infestations can lead to hair loss, inflammation, and secondary skin conditions like dermatitis. If your pet is allergic to flea bites, there could also be further complications. Advantage 80 kills fleas quickly, stopping them from laying more eggs on your pet, allowing your cat or rabbit to return to their normal happy self  To administer, part the coat between the shoulder blades until the skin is visible. Place the tip of the spot-on pipette on the skin and squeeze gently to empty its contents onto the skin, preferably at two spots, one at the base of the skull and a second 2-3cm's further back.  Fleas can often spread Tapeworms. It is recommended to treat your cat for worms if you suspect they have had fleas.

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Legal category: NFA_VPS  | Advantage 80 for Large Cats and Rabbits


Each tube contains 0.8 ml (80 mg imidacloprid). The product also contains benzyl alcohol and butylhydroxytoluene (E321) as an antioxidant.


Do not treat unweaned kittens of less than 8 weeks of age.

Do not use on pet rabbits less than 10 weeks of age.


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Customer reviews

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  • Quick delivery. Always use this for my dog and cats.
    Would highly recommend this always use for my dogs and cats. Fast efficient Quick delivery
    Tracey - April 30, 2020
  • Great product.
    I trust this product to keep my 3 cats and my home safe from having little visitors.
    J. Thomas - April 14, 2020
  • Advantage flea treatment
    An excellent flea treatment. Works every time. I'd recommend this product to every pet owner
    Jennifer Saunders - February 24, 2020
  • Excellent
    Works every time I have no trouble with fleas any season as advantage sorts them out can’t fault the product
    Stephanie Peak-Freeland - November 27, 2019
  • Advantage 80
    Easy to use and very effective.
    C Adkin - October 23, 2019