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Feliway Friends Diffuser Starter Kit for Cats
Feliway Friends Diffuser Starter Kit for Cats
Feliway Friends Diffuser Starter Kit for Cats
Feliway Friends Diffuser Starter Kit for Cats  Read more

Feliway Friends Diffuser Starter Kit for Cats

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Feliway Friends Diffuser Starter Kit for Cats
Feliway Friends Diffuser Starter Kit for Cats
Feliway Friends Diffuser Starter Kit for Cats
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Product details

Feliway Friends Diffuser Starter Kit for Cats

Additional Information

Alongside using Feliway Friends we also recommend the following:

  • Ensure that you have enough food bowls for all the cats in your household. Place the bowls at different heights to avoid all the cats eating in the same place (you can utilise tops of shelves or chairs for example)
  • Make sure you have a litter tray for each cat in the household plus 1 extra in different places around your home. It is important to check your cat's preferences as older cats may not be able to access the same litter trays as easily as younger more agile cats
  • Provide escape routes that are available all the time for your cats, as well as hiding places for them to bolt to, should they need them. Remember, when a cat is stressed, scared or wants some privacy, they like areas they can go to that are warm, quiet, safe and most importantly where they can be alone
  • To avoid any unwanted cat visitors entering your home, you can fit a microchip cat flap that will only allow your cats in and out of the household

Customer reviews

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  • New cat.
    We introduced a 13 years old rescue cat into our multi-pet household at the beginning of December. She seems to be settling in now and is beginning to spend more time in the living room instead of in her bolthole upstairs. Our two resident cats have been less unwelcoming than we thought they would be. I am sure that the Feliway is helping.
    Mrs. M. Martin - January 7, 2021
  • Cats
    I've had these plugged in for about a week and a half and nothing has changed. There's still unrest in the cats and one of them has started spraying since I got them, this may or may not be related. I'm going to give it the full month as it nay just take time. I would recommend this to try especially at this price.
    Blondieoo1 - February 27, 2020
  • Some progress with our cats but too soon to say
    We have two cats Strays half-brothers now 5 years old Over the last six months or so their play fighting has become quite vicious I think there is some improvement now and hope this continues
    Tell - February 6, 2020
  • Great to ease tension between cats
    I bought this two weeks ago so my new kitten will feel at ease when we get him but my two cats are getting on better with it in.
    Sabre 77 - January 19, 2020
  • Quick delivery
    My cats are both happy with this food, they find it tasty. Quick delivery, great servicw
    Chrissiechoo - August 30, 2019