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Logic Oral Hygiene Gel
Logic Oral Hygiene Gel

Logic Oral Hygiene Gel

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Logic Oral Hygiene Gel is a daily use gel that features natural ingredients to keep your pet’s teeth free from bacteria, plague and tartar. Six special enzymes combine in the gel to provide...  Read more

Logic Oral Hygiene Gel

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Product details

Logic Oral Hygiene Gel is a daily use gel that features natural ingredients to keep your pet’s teeth free from bacteria, plague and tartar. Six special enzymes combine in the gel to provide expert care to prevent your pet from getting tooth ache and bad breath. The consistency of the gel allows it to stay on your pet’s teeth for longer, further giving the enzymes more time to work. Use on its own or with the included finger brush.

Key features

  • boosts your pet’s natural saliva defence
  • antibacterial to keep teeth sparkling clean
  • special formula sticks to your pet’s teeth and gums so the ingredients can work more effectively
  • breaks down plaque and tartar, and helps to slow down new build-ups
  • delicious malty taste your pet will love
  • can be used on its own or with the included finger brush
  • suitable for dogs and cats.

For further information on how to brush your pet’s teeth, see the appropriate video below:



Ingredients: Enzyme Complex (Amylase, Glucose Oxidase, Potassium Thiocyanatem Kactoferrine, Lactoperoxydase, Iysozyme, Superoxide, Dismutase) Mild Avrasives, Non Ionic Surfactant, Flavouring


Apply once or twice a day
Cats & Small Dogs - 1cm Gel
Dogs less than 20kg - 2cm Gel
Dogs more than 20kg - 5cm Gel

Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 46  Reviews

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  • Works for us
    My border collie does not like her teeth brushed but she was getting very smelly breath and her teeth were not a nice colour. My vet didn't think her teeth were bad enough to warrant sedation for a dental check or clean, I did some research and I read one of your reviews which gave me an option for getting her teeth cleaner, she loves her dental chews so I tried putting logic oral hygiene gel along the ridge of the dental chew which she quite happily ate. Have been using it in this way for some time now about 6 months and although she still has a little bad breath it is no way as bad as it was and her teeth look a lot whiter. So thank you Leon June 27 2019, for your review it was very helpful and saved me a lot of worry and money.
    Spider - June 10, 2020
  • Good approach to dog teeth
    We’ve had many dogs. When we had our second cocker we were advised to use this product. Our first and other dogs had many problems with teeth. This cocker lived for 14 years with no problem at all in her teeth. We also use the Logic chews and Hill’s TD as a breakfast “package”. Our current cocker follows the same regime as we have confidence that this approach works. Our current dog doesn’t much like the taste but now politely submits
    Richard - May 2, 2020
  • Brilliant toothpaste,dog loves it.
    When ever my dog see's this toothpaste in my hand he comes straight to me to have his teeth done, he loves the flavour.
    Marie Chatterton - December 22, 2019
  • Probably saved me a fortune!
    My JRx had plaque and bad breath. Instead of having an operation, he had Logic Oral Hygiene Gel, administered by squeezing some onto one ridge of a dental chew. The combination has worked like a charm.
    Leon - June 27, 2019
  • Brilliant toothpaste,dog loves it.
    Bought this product a number of times because the dog really likes the taste, he looks forward to having his teeth cleaned, as soon as he sees me go to his cupboard he comes to me ready to have them done.
    Marie Chatterton - June 8, 2018