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Renal Cat Food

What to consider when switching your cat to a renal diet:

Always consult your vet before making any major changes to your pet’s diet, particularly if they suffer from more than one health condition. If your cat suffers from renal disease and another condition, your vet will be able to advise you about the diet which will be best suited to your pet.

Cats with kidney problems tend to have a reduced appetite, so it’s very important that the cat food you choose is highly palatable and enjoyable for your cat. Don’t worry if your cat doesn’t meet the first food you try with absolute enthusiasm – there are lots of renal foods out there, and it might just take time to find one your cat is happy with. 

As well as reduced protein and phosphorus, renal diet foods may also contain other ingredients which are beneficial to pets with kidney disease, such as extra omega-3 fatty acids (to improve blood flow to the kidneys), and antioxidants. 

Most renal diets come in wet and dry varieties. One of the key ways to manage renal failure is to correct dehydration, so you may want to consider a wet food diet to increase your cat’s fluid intake. If you choose to feed your cat a dry food, make sure they always have access to plenty of water, and consider investing in a water fountain to encourage your cat to drink.

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