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More than 40% of cats and dogs worldwide are overweight and despite being very common, excess weight is unfortunately not always easy to recognize.

However, being overweight is reversible and you can play a part in helping your cat or dog regain their healthy weight, which can result in many benefits:

Reduce risk of developing certain diseases
Improved vitality and activity levels
Weight loss in dogs with osteoarthritis can improve their clinical signs
Fewer healthcare costs

Important Information

   It is recommended that advice from a veterinarian be sought before use and before extending the period of use.
   Use only as directed and ensure water is available at all times.
   When feeding your pet with a veterinary diet, you should take your pet to the vet clinic for a check-up on a regular basis.
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So How To Get Your Pet Back
To a Healthy Weight?

First and foremost, selecting the right nutritional solution with your veterinarian is essential

ROYAL CANIN® SATIETY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT is a precisely complete and balanced nutritious diet that is specifically formulated to help support healthy weight reduction and its maintenance in overweight adult cats and dogs


Royal Canin® Satiety Weight Management Provides:

High level of natural fibre helps to keep cats and dogs satisfied between meals. Helps control begging in 82% of cats and 83% of dogs during weight loss.
It’s a simple solution to support effective weight loss that leads to clinically proven results: when tested during a Royal Canin study, an impressive 97% of cats and dogs lost weight in just 3 months of eating ROYAL CANIN® Satiety Weight Management.