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Your pet’s healthy weight
Managing your pet’s weight with a balanced diet will improve their overall health and wellbeing. With 60% of vets believing that obesity is the biggest health concern for UK pets, finding the right food is the first step.
Their nutrition needs
Choosing the right food
Whether it’s picking a lighter option or feeding your pet a targeted veterinary diet, tailoring the ingredients and portion sizes of their meals will support them from the inside out.
The big picture
Complete Support
Whether they benefit from lighter choices, grain-free options for a targeted veterinary diet, tailoring your pet's meals and adding necessary supplements will support them from the inside out.
Put their best paw forward
Making fitness fun
Exercise and active play will keep your pet on top form, whether it's a gentle stroll or a moderate walk. Incorporating a consistent routine will contribute to a healthy lifestyle that allows your pet to thrive.
It's personal
All the right ingredients
There are several factors to consider when choosing a diet suited to your pet's specific needs. From their breed and size to whether they are neutered or at a specific life stage, each of these elements will influence their diet.