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Dog Rocks Lawn Protection
Dog Rocks Lawn Protection

Dog Rocks Lawn Protection

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Pop some Dog Rocks in your garden and your grass will be greener and healthier, without disturbing your pet's loo habits. What it's for When your dog (or cat) pees in the garden it's good...  Read more

Dog Rocks Lawn Protection

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Product details

Pop some Dog Rocks in your garden and your grass will be greener and healthier, without disturbing your pet's loo habits.
What it's for
When your dog (or cat) pees in the garden it's good news for your floors, but trouble for your lawn. Their meat-heavy diet makes their urine high in acid, which can transform green grass into a sad and scorched wasteland. Dog Rocks don't do anything to change the acid levels in your pet's urine, but do absorb harmful stuff while adding nutrients to make your garden healthier.
The product is all-natural and shouldn't cause any harm, but it's important to keep an eye out for any changes after you start using Dog Rocks. If your dog starts to experience physical symptoms like swelling or sickness, they may be suffering a reaction. If you do notice anything strange going on, speak to your vet for advice.
Key benefits

  • doesn't change the acid levels in your dog's urine
  • can be used by cats too
  • stops dog urine scorching your lawn
  • made from all-natural ingredients
  • simply dissolve in your pet's water bowl

How it works
Dog Rocks help to reduce the damage caused to your lawn when your dog or cat use it as a toilet. They can be dissolved in your dog or cat's water bowl and work naturally to reduce the burning effect. It can be tricky to grow grass over scorched areas, which is why Dog Rocks work to stop damage happening in the first place. They're made from natural rock and work by absorbing tin (and other harmful elements) from your pet's urine. They also contain extra nutrients that can help grass to grow strong and healthy. 

Customer reviews

4 out of 5 34  Reviews

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  • Effective product
    I have used dog rocks for many years with great success and would highly recommend. I have found that when it is extremely dry they are less successful and if possible a bucket of water on the spot might help, however I don't seem to get around to doing that and patch up the areas of burn. Having said that I find them very effective and will definitely continue to use them.
    Rosy - August 20, 2020
  • Dog Rocks
    I have been using Dog Rocks long before the Pet Supermarket/ Pets at home stocked them, about 10 years when the only place to get them was direct from British stockist. Whilst they are not 100% they are a big improvement. I dread it when my friends visit with their dogs and my lawn gets burnt. I have recommended them to lots of people with bitches. It will take a couple of weeks until an improvement is noticed.
    sue wood - August 17, 2017
  • Greener grass
    Our burn Marks on the lawn have completely gone. Grass where they were has come through a lighter green but with a few more cuts in sure will blend in again. Highly recommend
    Alison Smith - August 4, 2017
  • Dog rocks for your garden
    Dog rocks are fab and fast delivery. Really look after your lawn
    M jackson - May 22, 2017
  • Dog rocks
    I have been using these in my dogs waterbowl for a few years now and must say my grass is less patchy
    Mrs A Smith - May 12, 2017